Top 10 Programming Languages for Android App Development
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Top 10 Programming Languages for Android App Development

Do you know how often you check your phone in a day? Of course, no. But you know that we scroll down our phones 100+ times a day, so it won’t be wrong to say that we are addicted to our phones as they make our daily lives more convenient. We can order products and services via app in a couple of clicks, which is why android app development demand is high.

In 2020, people will realise the importance of having an app for their business. Because of COVID-19 disease, people get locked in their houses, and they feel difficulties in getting essential things; businesses are also facing losses due to the lockdown. In such a case, apps work as a boon that helps both businesses and customers. 

But when it comes to building an app, language plays an essential role. So, you need to choose one that suits your business requirements. However, choosing a language is not an easy task as there are numerous options available in the market.

If you are a businessman and want to boost your business, choosing a language for Android app development is required. In order to know which one is the best programming language, read out the complete post without turning your head.

Why Create Android Applications for Businesses?

Why Create Android Applications for Businesses

Investing in android app development ensures your business growth. If you want to boost your business, you should invest in android app development. However, many businesses have a question about why create an android app for business. Read out the following reasons:

  • Increase Customer Engagement

There is no doubt that mobile applications offer your customers a more appropriate way to browse, interact with a brand, and shop in order to give a consistent and all-in-one experience with your business. 

As a result, your brand is in the right hands. This is the reason that businesses should invest in android app development. 

  • Brand Endorsement 

Nowadays, the competition is high in the world, and mobile applications are one of the best tools for exponentially improving the visibility and awareness of your brand. When someone decides to purchase a product, they will check reviews and ratings.

It will encourage and endorse you in front of your coming potential audience. Plus, a well-developed user-friendly mobile app design will leave a long-lasting impression on customers and assist in building a reliable brand. 

  • Boost Brand Loyalty

You can boost brand loyalty by creating an android app for your business. Undoubtedly, each business wants to get loyal customers involved with them in persistent profitable business. 

With an app, you can show your customers that you care about them and understand their requirements. It will help you in improving your business all around the world. Thus, businesses need to contact an android app development company to make a fully functional app. 

  • Increase Profits

Mobile applications allow businesses to increase and earn additional revenue. Making the purchasing procedure more suitable, simple, intuitive, and mobile apps can considerably improve the customer experience, positively impacting your sales. 

Custom android apps can provide multiple opportunities for additional revenue. This is the reason that you should invest in android app development. 

Significant Advantages of Android App Development 

Significant Advantages of Android App Development 

Every entrepreneur wants to generate revenue; therefore, they need to compete with creativity to capture the attention of more potential customers. In order to attract customers, android app development is an ideal choice. 

It offers entrepreneurs a cost-effective and scalable opportunity to develop applications. You know that android mobile apps are high in demand, and it has ultimate advantages. Below we mentioned some great perks for android app development. 

  • High ROI at Low Cost 

The first and foremost advantage of custom app development is the easy availability of android SDK. Android apps will provide you with a high return on investment, and you know that the cost of custom android app development is always less compared to iOS.

However, you should choose an appropriate language for android app development. It ensures that users can easily use the application and enjoy your services and products. 

  • Faster Development 

Another great advantage of app development is faster deployment. Generally, android apps for businesses have a rapid development cycle lasting a few hours. You know that it offers a competitive edge to companies that wish to have a quicker go-to-market for their new ideas. 

It always reduces time to market, which is an excellent advantage of android app development. Thus, it is suggested to invest your money in this place.

  • Target Multiple Platforms

Using the Java programming language, you can make it simple to port the application to multiple operating systems such as Ubuntu and  Symbian. This is the reason that businesses can target multiple platforms with app development. Hence, organizations choose android development.

  • Enhance Security 

The Android app has several additional and in-built security features. This will help with the protection against viruses and malware. Therefore, you should invest your hard-earned money in this place. But when it comes to developing this application, you need to choose an appropriate language for custom android app development.

  • Customization

You know that android is an open-source platform that offers maximum customization features in order to develop teams. This is why android apps are a popular choice. You know the android application can be easily integrated into multimedia tools and data management functions of your existing business procedures. 

The companies can benefit from reaching a broader customer base by accommodating the changing business needs. 

Top Programming Languages for Android App Development 

As we discussed above, programming languages play an essential role in the development world. This is the reason that you need to choose an option that meets your business demands. 

If you want to select a good programming language for android app development, we have a list of top programming languages you can use. 

1. Hotline 

You can use numerous languages for crafting android apps, of which Kotlin is one. The surprising thing is that its features help it gain a lot of popularity in such a small time. It is developed as an alternative to java. 

Nowadays, it has become the official language for android app development. This language also provides easy coding with code instances that are not very long. However, you should hire android app developers to use this language for android app development. 

2. Java

This is the most popular language for android app development. This programming language has a huge community of developers because it can craft apps and software for all types of devices, such as websites, computer apps, and mobile applications. 

Hence, you can use this programming language for android app development. However, using this language on your own is not an easy task, so it is suggested to seek the help of experts. With years of expertise, they will easily do this task and provide you with ultimate solutions as per your desire. 

3. Lua

As we know that every programming language has its speciality, and you know that Lua is the best programming language for android app development. Wondering why? Usually, if you are looking to develop a game for android devices, then choosing Lua may be the best decision for your end.

This language is an ideal choice if you want to develop simple games as it is very easy to use and open source. 


Basic is the best programming language that is especially for beginners. However, you can only develop some simple apps using this language as many features are not supported here. 

In simple words, this is the best custom android app development language for non-developers who are interested in developing an application by themselves. In this case, using some managed backend with the app will be the best choice as it will simplify and improve the experience. 

5. C#

Like other programming languages, C# can be used to craft different software and applications. In simple words, it is one of the most successful languages as it currently has a large developer community. 

It can be the best choice if you want to develop a fantastic android app with many features. It means you can use this language for android app development. However, crafting an app is not easy, so seek the help of professionals.

6. C++

This is another programming language that can be used for android app development. One of the best things about this language is that you can use the libraries for adding features to applications. 

Hence, if you have a good grip over C++, then using it for developing android apps is the best decision for your end. However, you need to contact a mobile app development company that has years of expertise and a good grip over coding and technology. 

7. Xamarin 

You can always count on Xamarin to develop an Android device application with native features. It has many features and advantages, making app development easier and faster. 

Using this language, you can also reduce codes and share them between applications for similar features as well. 

8. React Native 

This is another amazing language for android app development. Developing an app using this language provides a lot of value to the users and developer end. The apps perform very well for the user and have almost all the native-like features. 

9. Flutter 

Flutter provides a cross-platform app development feature, meaning that the apps developed here can work on different platforms. It uses a dart programming language that comes with an extensive library of tools that can make the app more attractive in terms of design. 

Dart always enables you to craft apps with all the features that you will need. Hence, it will make sure that the development procedure will be very productive with increased efficiency from the apps. 

This programming language provides amazing customization options for developing even better apps. So, you can use this programming language for android app development. 

10. Ionic

Ionic is one of the most popular programming languages that can be used for developing android apps. This is a free and open-source framework that anyone can use, and here you will be developing the apps using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. 

If you decide to develop an app using this language, there are no features you will miss. Another great thing about this framework is that it integrates with other libraries for additional functionalities to your app, making the entire procedure easier. So, you can use this programming language for android app development. 

What is the Cost of Android App Development?

The android app development cost depends on several factors, such as the size of the project, framework, and many other factors. A report shows that the cost of android app development maybe $40 to $70 per hour. It may cost high if you hire an in-house team of developers because you need to invest your time in training and other things. 

But when you hire a mobile app development company, you need to pay a smaller amount. So, it is suggested to choose a reliable app development company. Here, we mentioned a list of your idea.

Country Android App Development Cost Per Hour 
Europe $120 to $150 Per Hour
USA $60 to $170 Per Hour
India $40 to $80 Per Hour

But not down that it is an idea, not a reality. So, do proper research before investing your money. This will help you know the exact cost of the android app development. 

The Final Words

Hopefully, now you have complete knowledge about the top programming language for android app development. If you have any doubt about which language is the best for crafting an app. You should contact a reliable name with years of experience developing an app.

Moreover, a trusted android app development company will save your money and time by using their knowledge and years of expertise. Thus, you need to find a trusted name with a good reputation in the app development world. For this, you can also take the help of the internet and get the best solutions.