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Python vs Matlab: Know the Major Differences!

No doubt that the demand for applications has become high. But when building an app, programming languages play an essential role. However, many people need clarification about many programming languages and their importance. Generally, there are two main languages, Python and Matlab. But the question is which one is better: Python vs Matlab.

Yes, people want to know the difference between Python and Matlab, and that will assist them in choosing one that is the best for them. Therefore they search which one is better: Python vs Matlab. Usually, all the programming languages are different, but they also have some similar features.

We know that programming languages have unique points and are used for specific purposes. Python is a general-purpose programming language, whereas Matlab is an expensive language with a specific purpose. 

If you want to know more about both, you are at the right place. Here we will guide you on which one you should choose for your next project. So, read the complete post without turning your head. 

MATLAB vs Python: What are They?

python vs matlab


MATLAB is both a programming language and a commercial numerical computing environment. In simple terms, it is one of the most advanced and well-designed programming languages for computing. In the 1970s, Cleve Moler began the development of MATLAB. Generally, this is a multi-paradigm computing environment and language developed by MathWorks. 

Moreover, it can be used for data plotting, matrix manipulations, implementing algorithms, and developing user interfaces. It is designed primarily for numerical computation functions that allow for symbolic computation using the MuPAD symbolic engine. 

  • Python

This is the high-level, open source and general-purpose programming language built by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. With the help of this framework, developers can write precise and logical code for small and large projects. 

Generally, this framework supports multiple programming paradigms such as OOP, procedural programming and functional programming. Apart from its neat syntax and code readability feature, its best part is that it comes with standard libraries for completing different programming and computing tasks. 

A Brief History of Matlab

Matrix Laboratory is a priority programming platform designed for engineers and scientists to craft and analyse systems and products. Generally, it was not even a language; it was a simple interactive matrix calculator. 

This is a commercial product and comes with its own working environment. This comes with many additional Toolboxes, such as control design, digital signal processing ETC and image processing. 

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Features of Matlab

  • This is not only a programming language but always a programming interface. 
  • Working through a simulation. 
  • Employing image proceeding 
  • The addition of toolboxes can help you to expand Matlab’s functionality. Generally, these are sets of specific functions that provide specialised functionality. 

Brief History of Python

This is a different language that Wikipedia defines as “an interpreted high-level, general-purpose programming language. This is open-source, so anybody can access it and create their own packages. 

Usually, Python was ideated in the late 1980s and was first implemented in December 1989. Over the years, it has been getting more popular and consistently ranks as one of the most popular languages today. This can be used for simple tasks that beginners might be interested in and complex functions that organisations might want. 

Features of Python

  • Easy to learn and has a clean and clear syntax.
  • Highly portable as it runs anywhere. It has high-end servers and workstations
  • In order to delimit the blocks, it uses white space
  • Free and extensible

Matlab vs Python: The Key Differences

Python vs Matlab

As we know, many people need clarification about which framework is better for their project. If you also need clarification on Python and Matlab. You are at the right place. This section will discuss which is better: Matlab vs Python for data science.

Here we mentioned some differences between Python and Matlab. So it will help you understand Python vs Matlab performance.

  • Nature

We all know Matlab is closed-source software and a proprietary commercial product. Henceforth, you need to purchase it if you want to use this. You have to pay extra charges for every additional Matlab toolbox you wish to install and run. The cost aspect aside, it is necessary to note that since Matlab is designed for MathWorks, its user base is quite limited. 

Unlike Matlab, Python is an open-source language that is free of cost. In order to use this programming language, you need to download and install and make alterations to the source code to best suit your requirements. Because of this reason, Python has a big fan following and user base. 

The great thing about the python community is that it is pretty extensive, with hundreds and thousands of programmers contributing actively to enrich the language continually. It also provides numerous free packages, making it an appealing choice for developers worldwide. 

  • Syntax

You know that Matlab treats everything as an array, and Python treats everything as a general object. For instance, in Matlab, strings can either be arrays of strings or arrays of characters, but in Python, strings are denoted by a unique object called “str.” 


  • IDE

Matlab boasts of having an integrating development as it is a neat interface with a console located in the centre where you can type commands, while a variable explorer lies on the right; you will find a directory listing on the left. 

In addition, Python does not include a default development environment. It means users have to select an IDE that fits their specific needs. You know that Anaconda, a popular python package, encompasses two different IDEs-Spyder and JupyterLab that function as efficiently as the Matlab IDE. 

  • Tools

The programming languages are accompanied by a suite of specialised tools to support a wide range of user requirements, from building ML models to modelling scientific data. You know that the best thing about the integrated device is that it makes the development procedure easier, more seamless and quicker. 

On the other hand, Matlab does not have a host of libraries; its standard library includes integrated toolkits in order to cover complex scientific and computational challenges. The best thing about Matlab is that experts build them, rigorously tested and well-documented for engineering and scientific operations. 

The toolkits are built to collaborate efficiently and always integrate seamlessly with parallel computing environments and GPUs. Python libraries contain many useful modules for different programming requirements and frameworks. Some libraries include PyTorch, MumPy, SciPy, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV and Requests.

As an open-source programming language, Python provides the flexibility and freedom to developers to design Python-based software tools to extend the capabilities of the language. Hope you will understand Python vs Matlab performance and their key differences.


Programming languages play an essential role when it comes to building an application. But the question is, what is the best programming language, Python vs Matlab? If you have the same query, in this post, you learned some differences between Python and Matlab. As you know the difference between both, you must choose one suitable for your next project. 

Once you select a programming language, you must seek the help of a python development company that will assist you in every possible way. With years of experience and knowledge, they easily make responsive and easy-to-use applications.