Why Did Skype Choose React Native for its App?
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Why Did Skype Choose React Native for its App?

Skype is one of the world’s leading communication platforms, recently made the switch to React Native for its mobile app development.

As such, the mobile app development company hired to develop the Skype app needed to be up-to-date with modern technologies and be able to deliver great user experiences. After considering the various options available in the market, Skype choose React Native as the framework of choice.

This decision was based on the need to enhance performance and user experience and reduce development costs. As one of the world’s leading communication platforms, Skype’s decision to adopt React Native for its app is an essential statement about the viability of the technology.

React Native, a popular open-source framework offered an efficient solution to these challenges with its native look and feel code reusability and development flexibility.

Have you ever thought why the top social media platforms, including Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are created in React Native?

Some of the Top global Companies Using React Native Such As:

  • Instagram
  • Bloomberg
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Uber Eats
  • Discord
  • Walmart
  • Pinterest
  • Salesforce
  • Baidu
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Vogue
  • NerdWallet

In this post, we will explore why Skype chose React Native for its app development needs, the benefits it has provided, and the lessons learned for future development.

Let’s explore the reasons!

What is Skype?

Skype is a game-changer! It is a communication tool that brings people from all corners of the world together at the touch of a button. Through Skype, users can make voice and video calls, send instant messages, and share files with friends and family across the globe.

What’s more exciting? With Skype, you can join video conferences with up to 50 people. Off-course the feature of screen-sharing is the cherry on top. Whether it is for professional or personal use, Skype provides seamless connectivity without any interruption.

Skype choose React Native to give an amazing user experience and outstanding features.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework for mobile app development, created by Facebook. It allows developers to build high-quality mobile applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase.

With React Native, you can build stunning native apps with ease and efficiency while still providing an excellent user experience. Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting out, React Native opens up a world of possibilities for creating powerful mobile applications that can reach huge audiences quickly and easily.

Challenges Faced by Skype with its Previous Mobile App

Despite its success, Skype has faced a fair share of challenges with its previous mobile app. You can also understand why Skype choose React Native framework.

Have a closer look at some issues with the Skype application including:

  • Issues with Performance and User Experience

Skype’s previous mobile app was troubled with several issues regarding performance and user experience. The app was slow to load and use, and users reported issues with dropped calls and poor-quality video.

  • Cost and Time Constraints

Skype was under pressure to enhance its mobile app but faced constraints around time and resources. Developing separate apps for iOS and Android would have been time-consuming and costly, and Skype needed a solution that would allow them to quickly increase their app’s performance and user experience.

How React Native Helped Skype Overcome Mobile App Development Challenges

How React Native Helped Skype Overcome Mobile App Development Challenges

By adopting React Native, Skype was able to overcome many of the issues they had with mobile app development like concerns around platform compatibility and workforce expertise. You also get a reason why Skype choose React Native to give fabulous features.

1. Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

By using React Native, Skype was able to develop a single app that works on various platforms, such as iOS and Android. This approach reduced the time and costs associated with creating and maintaining separate applications for different platforms.

2. Reusing Code and Components

React Native’s modular design and reusable components allowed Skype to reuse code across different platforms, which significantly reduced development time and costs. This approach also provided consistency across different platforms, which improved the user experience.

3. Integration with Native Code

React Native allows developers to integrate native code into the app, which offers an amazing user experience. Skype leveraged this capability to integrate its existing native code into the app and further enhance the app’s performance and stability.

How Does React Native Serve to Specific Needs of Social Media App Development?

  • The components of React Native allow the creation of a dynamic feed and also improve the user engagement, retention, and conversion rate of social media apps.
  • React Native social media apps allow users to like a photo and react to it with an outstanding emoji. Also, single-page apps offer the actions of liking or reacting to a post/photo/video.
  • Skype choose React Native for its App where photos can be easily uploaded in high resolutions.
  • With React Native, one can create real-time chat apps with two parts- a server-side library and a client-side library, that quickly connect users with friends.
  • A login functionality with some sign-in options can be built employing Firebase’s authentication.
  • The usage of the Firestore database for integrating push notifications into the app. A social media app must have an amazing feature of real-time notifications for getting messages and collaborating with posts of friends.
  • Firebases help users to modify posts in real time that’s why Skype choose React Native for its App.
  • js can also use for building a timeline that graphically represents posts on the map.
  • The integration of the localization feature for offering various language support.

Benefits of Skype Choose React Native for its App?

Benefits of Skype Choose React Native for its App?

Many on-demand app development company are using React Native a cool tool that helps you make apps using JavaScript and React. Lots of people like to use it because it is free and easy to use.

Here are some reasons why Skype Choose React Native to make its own apps:

1. Cross-Platform Development

React Native is a cool tool that lets you write code once and use it on both iPhones and Androids. This saves a lot of time and resources for developers. Almost all of the code can be used for both platforms, which makes it faster and easier to make apps. This means that apps can be made and released faster, and there’s less work needed to keep them running smoothly.

2. Familiarity with React

If you know how to use React, then learning React Native will be a breeze. The ideas and rules are pretty much the same, and you can even use a lot of the same stuff you already know.

3. Enhanced User Experience

React Native’s performance-oriented architecture and optimized rendering capabilities offer an enhanced user experience. The framework allows developers to build smooth, fast, and responsive applications that are easy to navigate and interact with.

4. Reusability

React Native enables you to reuse elements across various platforms, which makes the development process more effective. You must hire dedicated app developers to reuse about 90% of their code across both OS platforms. Even more interestingly, code reusability is not just limited to mobile apps. Developers can also ready to build app like Skype.

5. Improved Productivity

React Native’s modular architecture and reusable components significantly reduce the complexity of the development process, which enhances developer productivity. Its built-in debugging tools and simplified installation process further improve developer productivity by making it easier to identify and fix issues.

6. Access to Native Features

Skype choose React Native which allows accessing interesting native features of the device like the camera, GPS, and accelerometer, which makes it easier to create apps that need access to these features.

7. Third-Party Plugins

If you want to create an app like Skype, it can cost a lot of money to start from nothing. But with React Native, you can use other people’s tools to help you out. These tools are called third-party plugins and they can be made with JavaScript or by people who know how to make apps really well. These plugins make it so you don’t have to do everything yourself and they can make your app work even better than before.

8. Cost Efficiency

As we discussed above, the code is reusable in React Native, it helps you save about 40% of the development costs. Android app development company don’t need to hire two various Android and iOS developers to build the app. On the other hand, there are many pre-built components in React Native that further fasten the development process.

Success Stories of Some Famous Media Apps Built In React Native

The fundamental goal is to choose react native development, easy iterations, and engaging one single team for executing all projects while architecting mobile applications for the operating systems iOS and Android.

Let’s look at why all these famous organizations select React Native like Skype Choose React Native:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is like a big bulletin board where people can share their amazing ideas. You can make your own board and put pictures, drawings, or charts on it to show what you are thinking about. Pinterest made an app for iPhones using something called React Native. It was so easy to use that they made an Android version in just two days! The people who made Pinterest said that React Native helped them make their app really quickly without any problems.

2. Myntra

Did you know that in India, people are buying more and more things online? One company that started selling clothes and accessories online is called Myntra. They have a lot of people visiting their website every month, so they needed a way to make their app work well and be able to handle all those visitors. They decided to use something like Skype choose React Native to make their app work better. This helped their team make changes to the app really quickly, which made the people who work at Myntra really happy

3. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook used React Native to build its own application. It is cross-platform, yet it manages UI differences when it comes to ad and date formats flawlessly. UI’s animations and transitions satisfy the same standard. If you want to build an amazing application like Facebook you must connect with react native app development and use all essential services.

4. Instagram

It is another social media site that’s actually owned by Facebook unlike Facebook, Instagram is all about sharing pictures and short videos.

A few years ago, in 2016, the people who run Instagram decided they wanted to make some changes. They wanted to start using something like Skype choose React Native. This was a tricky challenge because they had to figure out how to make it work with the stuff they already had. Now they can add new features to the app really quickly and make sure it works on both iPhones and Androids.

5. Walmart

It is like a mega store that’s all over the place, except for Hawaii. They have got everything from clothes to groceries to stuff for your house, depending on your needs.

They also used React Native to make their app work on both Android and iPhone. That means they only needed one group of people who know how to use JavaScript to make it happen. It hire dedicated developers to build amazing application like Skype choose React Native for its app that offers an easy and simple user interface.


Future-Proofing Skype’s Mobile App Development with React Native

Skype choose React Native for its App was flexible and scalable, and React Native fits the bill perfectly. React Native is a framework that allows for cross-platform development, meaning that developers can use the same codebase to build apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

React Native also offers support for continuous integration and delivery. This allows for quick and easy deployment of updates and bug fixes, ensuring that the app remains up-to-date and responsive.

React Native’s flexibility makes it an excellent choice for future development. Developers can easily build new features and functionalities, and existing components can be reused across platforms. This means that even if Skype decides to add new features to the app, it won’t have to start from scratch.

Skype’s user base continues to expand, and the app needs to be scalable enough to manage increasing traffic. React Native’s modular architecture makes it scalable, allowing developers to add new modules and features without affecting the existing functionality of the app.

Final Words

React Native is gaining more attention in the mobile app development industry in the coming years. Its ability to help developers build apps on multiple platforms with ease, reduce development costs, and improve user experience makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to build mobile apps. With more companies including Skype choose React Native for its App, the framework is expected to grow and evolve, making it even more powerful for mobile app development in the future.

React Native has proven to be a valuable asset to Skype’s mobile app development process, offering not only improved performance and enhanced user experience but also future-proofing the development process.

With React Native’s efficient development process, consistent UI on various platforms, and improved developer productivity, it’s clear why Skype chose this technology. As mobile app development continues to evolve, React Native’s flexibility for future development and scalability for future growth make it a smart choice for any company looking to develop a mobile app.

FAQ: Skype Choose React Native for its App

1. Why did Skype choose React Native?

Skype choose React Native for its mobile app development because it is efficient, flexible, and scalable. With React Native, developers can reuse code and components, which saves time and resources. Additionally, React Native offers a consistent UI on multiple platforms, which is essential for maintaining a seamless user experience.

2. What were the challenges faced by Skype before choosing React Native?

Before choosing React Native, Skype faced several challenges in mobile app development, including compatibility issues with multiple platforms, time-consuming development processes, and inconsistent UI/UX design. These challenges had a negative impact on the user experience and made it difficult for Skype to keep up with the competition.

3. What are the benefits of using React Native for mobile app development?

React Native provides several benefits for mobile app development, including efficient development processes, improved developer productivity, consistent UI on multiple platforms, and enhanced user experience. Additionally, React Native allows developers to integrate native code into the app, making it more customizable and providing access to native device features.

4. Will using React Native future-proof mobile app development?

Yes, using React Native for mobile app development can future-proof the development process. React Native provides flexibility and scalability for future growth, allowing developers to easily update and modify the app as needed. Additionally, React Native is constantly being updated and improved, ensuring that it remains a relevant and useful technology for mobile app development in the years to come.