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Know About Streameast

Streameast is an online free live streaming app providing services related to streaming but their primary focus while streaming live is on sports events. The app provides opportunities to their viewers to watch different types of sports according to their choice and interests. Like one can watch a match of football, tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. As these services look attractive, there are still some factors that one should be aware of while choosing for streameast. These are some of the key factors to explore –

Accessibility and User Interface

Streameast is known for having an easy to access user interface allowing visitors with easy searches. One can access Streameast through their website that allows users to watch live sports events by sitting at their homes. Any users can run the website on their devices anytime anywhere. The best thing about the website is that it is easily navigated providing different categories of sports and live streams. Without any extensive technical knowledge, the user can find the sports events they desire to watch. 

Sports Coverage

The free live streaming website is considered as the best as they are able to provide free access to your favourite sports without any technical glitches or difficulties. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, and many other popular sports are broadcasted live. The main aim of the platform is to allow every sports enthusiast to find what’s best in their interest and provide a collection for the users to choose from.

Free Access

Another feature that grabs the attention of the user while using the Streameast website is that one can access it for free. Users have the option to access live sports events without the need of the subscription and payment. It is important for the users to take cautions and understand the potential risks that are associated with accessing the content that is copyrighted without proper authorization.

Legal and Copyright Concerns

The provision of free live sports events on Streameast often raises concerns of their legal and copyright issues. In terms of law, accessing copyrighted content without proper authorization from the concerned committee can lead to infringement of the content facing legal troubles.  

Variable Stream Quality

The live streams quality on the website varies, ranging from standard definition to high definition. There are some factors that define the quality of the video such as the user of the internet connection impacting the overall quality of the streaming video. While these fluctuations can have an impact on the video quality, one should make sure to have a stable internet connection for a great viewing experience. 

How To Make an App Like Streameast?

If you want to make an app like Streameast that is free of cost for its users then you would require a good amount of investment. This is one of the most important factors to keep on 

Building sports news apps like Sportsurge requires a good amount of investment to complete the process of development of Live streaming app development. If the right methodology is right and incorporated into the process properly, one can have great results through it. In addition to this, it is important for the developers and owner of the app to have an understanding of the crucial features and functions that goes into creating an app that makes it stand out in the competitive market. 

Here are some step that you can follow to develop an app like Streameast for your users – 

1. Ideation

The first step of developing an app is to take the major decision that you need to make while developing an app like Streameast. The app should include all the features that you want to see along with the events of sports that you are willing to cover, business model of the app, and many other features. Other than this, you also need to make important decisions on the development budget that you have for your app, the timelines for each stage in your app development, and hire the developers you want to work with. 

2. UI/UX Design

The second step of free streaming app development is the UI/UX design. The designing team brings together themes, icons, colours and all other interactive buttons creating a prototype of these free live streaming sports apps. The prototype is the replica of how your final product will look like. The only reason while delivering the prototype is to get feedback from the client on how the app looks and if there is any requirement for changes in the design regarding functionality, features, icons, placement of content, etc.

3. Core Development

The core development of an app is the most important thing that takes place in the process of building an app like Streameast. After sharing the prototype with the client, the approval comes in and once the approval takes place, the core development of the application starts. The development team starts with the frontend and backend development of the application. Making the use of programming languages, API Integration, third party integrations, payment gateways, and all other things take place during the development phase of the app. 

4. Quality Testing

Once the development of the application takes place, it is submitted to the QA team. The team will make sure to see that the software does not carry have kind of bugs affecting the experience of the users. Other than this, there are some other tests that take place ensuring that only the best version of the application is launched on their respective platforms such as Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

5. App Deployment

This is the launching part of the Streameast app where the application deployment takes place to their respective platform. There are certain rules and guidelines that should be followed while performing the deployment of the app, that any app development company has to ensure at this stage. There are some charges as a onetime fee to deploy the app.

6. Maintenance and Support

After this, comes the maintenance part of your application. Once you launch your app for the targeted audience on Google or Apple store, there might be some glitches or issues that take place once the users make use of the application. To resolve these issues, you require help from a Live streaming app development company, that helps in making sure that the application is running smoothly and functions properly. On the other hand, the company also provides the timely updates that are necessary for your software helping in importing new features and functions in an application.

Top 5 Apps Like Streameast


ESPN is the best known mobile app for streaming sports and with more than 50 million downloads on Google play, the application also provides access to every minute details of the tournament available on the app. Whether you are looking for video highlights, score updates, or the news, the user can find all of the services available on the platform. Other than this, you can also get information about your favourite player or team, like highlights or the news of your choices.  

2. VIPLeague

VIPLeague is another sports streaming platform accessible free of cost that one can use to watch live matches and tournaments on different devices such as a tablet, PC, smartphone or any other device that you would like to watch the match on. The app is mostly used for watching football matches, Basketball, Soccer, American football, and many more. The app is very popular and is the most preferred streaming platform for sports by the users as it provides free accessibility to watch matches live in great quality. 

3. Sportsurge

Sportsurge is a platform allowing access to live and on-demand sports events taking place anywhere around the world. One can access sports games such as cricket, hockey, basketball, NFL, boxing, etc. on the application. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store for android users. Whether you are accessing their website or mobile application, through the application, you get access to all the tournaments and matches registered. 

4. Sofascore

Sofascore is another most streamed application around the world with over 50 million downloads from the Google play store alone. The most dominating sports on the application is Football, but it also provides 20 other sports that you can access on the application. It also has 5000+ leagues and tournaments on the application for you to browse through. 

5. 365 Scores 

Another live sports streaming application is 365 Scores that you can access anytime you want. The application is a free pass to every minute information into different football leagues and tournaments including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions, etc. Many people around the world are using this application to watch sports in good quality whereas also get time to time updates on the ongoing tournaments. 

To Conclude

Streameast is an easy to use and navigate website for many people around the world to watch sports and get updates about the latest news and highlights of the tournament. If you are someone who is interested in developing an app like Streameast, then this blog is for you. One can easily find the features of a sports app here and how to develop an application so that your users are satisfied while using the application. The application should be easy to access, and also have quality videos ensuring your users that they are in the right place.