Top 20 Ai Development Companies in 2024
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Top 20 Ai Development Companies in 2024

Artificial Intelligence has a very strong influence on the business sector and to optimise the operational efficiency and safety has also become extremely evident nowadays. As we start the year 2024, we can witness the in-depth integration of AI on a global level in our workforces, and daily life as it is largely driven by the expertise and innovations brought by the AI Development Companies. These firms are the focal point helping businesses adopt and integrate the technologies of AI in their daily lives.

AI provides cutting edge solutions, gives guidance, and supports full implementation to the companies playing a crucial role in illustrating AI for businesses. 

Here is a listicle of the top AI development companies along with their description and how they have been of help for businesses. These companies provide the most suitable solutions to meet your demands and objectives of the project.

Best AI Development Companies You Need To Know 

Best AI Development Companies You Need To Know 

As we all are aware, The world is getting stronger and more technologically advanced with the introduction of AI in our lives. We are moving at a fast pace with the use of AI in designing, developing, and integrating the applications or websites. 

These companies are known for their expertise, experience and knowledge on the subject matter and making sure the projects are up to the requirements of the client. 

S. No.  Company Name  Rating  Area of Expertise  Website 
TechGropse  4.5/5 Web and Mobile App Development 
LeewayHertz 4.7/5 AI and Generative AI, ML, Cloud Computing 
SumatoSoft  4.8/5 Internet of Things, Web and Big Data Solutions 
IntellectSoft 4.6/5 Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud and Big Data Technology 
Dogtown Media  4.7/5  AI and Machine Learning 
AIBrain  4/5 Artificial Intelligence 
Element AI  4/5 Artificial Intelligence 
Systango  4.4/5 AI Based Software Development 
ISS Art  4.5/5 

Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things and Text Analysis 
10 Pearls  4/5 AI ML Development 
Hatchworks  4.5/5 Software Development and Solutions  4.5/5 Custom Product and Software Development 
BlueLabel 4.9/5 AI and Generative AI 
Waverley Software  4.6/5  AI based Software Solutions 
  1. 4.9/5  Customised Solutions For Your Digital Products 
10Clouds  4.9/5 AI and Blockchain 
3Advance  4.9/5  Generative AI, LLM, and Custom RAG Applications 
Radiansys Inc 4/5  AI Based Software Solutions 
ToopLoox  5/5  AI Development Solutions 
DataRoot Labs  5/5  AI Driven Solutions 

1. TechGropse 

TechGropse is a leading company providing web and application development services to help your business excel through the online market. The company is known for its reputation in the market, for having a team of experts and experienced professionals having complete knowledge of designing and development. 

Many of our clients have been able to find success in their business through our solutions. We not only focus on designing and developing, but also have our hands full with the integration, responsiveness, and checking the quality of the work we have done. We work together to give your ideas a reality, with our productivity and experience, we can create something new and out of the box for your business. 

2. LeewayHertz – 

LeeywayHertz is a leading AI development services provider serving the purpose by fulfilling the diverse range of needs of enterprises, scaleups, and startups. The company is able to build scalable solutions with their expertise in AI and generative AI along with knowledge of cloud computing.   

The company has a team of professionals with knowledge of AI engineers, consultants and developers. The company has also built other AI models like GPT-4, Claude, etc. that caters to various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Over the years, LeewayHertz has had different types of clients from industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, etc.  

3. Sumatosoft – 

SumatoSoft is a leading Web and Big Data solutions provider and also, offers expertise in mobile and Internet Of Things, they have been delivering solutions in the field since the year 2012. The company’s ability to focus on the requirements of the customer, assigning an in-house team for the project, and ensuring a transparent workflow with the right approach. 

The company has specialisation in big data, Sumatosoft provides business intelligence, data engineering, predictive modelling, big data visualisation, big data analytics, and multi system data integration services. 

4.  IntellectSoft – 

IntellectSoft is a consulting company that deals with the digital transformation and showcases the skills of Cloud and Big Data Technology, Machine Learning to be able to develop, deploy and maintain the solutions of AI, and  Deep Learning. The company assists with solutions to other companies like startups and enterprises that facilitates the implementation of new technologies and removes complex issues. 

The company was started in 2007, helping businesses create software solutions that are secure and scalable. The IntellectSoft team has successfully built big data enterprise platforms with over 80 million clients acting as a single point of data processing, distribution and ingestion. Building AI based solutions, offering several benefits to enterprises which includes automation., security, efficiency and productivity. 

5. Dogtown Media 

Dogtown Media specialises in mobile app development with the use of artificial intelligence app development making a mobile application work at its best. Their team of professionals work on artificial intelligence and machine learning allowing businesses to improve the levels of productivity and their efficiency. 

The company makes the use of computer vision, Natural Language Processing and automation to build AI solutions. The company was started in the year 2011, Dogtown Media has a headquarter in Venice, California. The apps developed by Dogtown Media have been successful in a way as they have been downloaded a million times changing the client’s relationships with their customers. 

They have been successful in building a chatbot called Shoutout from Google Home and Google Assistant Platforms. This chatbot is taken as a conversational element of Google Assistant.   

6. AIBrain – 

AIBrain is one of the best Ai App Development companies building autonomous solutions with the combination of these three fundamental aspects of Intelligence i.e., memory, learning and problem solving. The founder of the company is Dr. Richard H. Shinn started in the year 1997. AIBrain has a team of skillful AI engineers augmenting intelligence with AI and memory.

The company has been successful in building various AI solutions such as Conversational Artificial Intelligence Applications for Adults and Children, intelligent smartphone robot, and true AI game. They have served different industries such as retail, hospitality, gaming and so on. 

7. Element AI – 

The company was founded in the year 2016 in the deep learning hub of Canada, Element AI has a team of AI developers, scientists, designers, and architects having the ability to convert applied research into AI products. The company also offers access to the latest technology with their scalable and secure AI solutions to different organisations. 

The team of AI developers at the company have successfully built innovative AI products for different industries such as banking, insurance, retails, logistics, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods. Some of their clients include Gore Mutual, Port Montreal, and GIC. The growth of the company is at a rapid speed because of the AI driven solutions. 

8. Systango – 

Systango is one of the Ai software Development companies headquartered in London, UK with enterprise class IT and AI development services. The company assists enterprises and startups by building intelligent custom solutions for them.

The AI focused areas by the company are Deep Learning, Statistical Modeling, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, and Data Mining. The company has a team of experienced designers, developers and AI engineers, the company helps industries such as entertainment, Ecommerce/Marketplace, iGaming, Fintech and Social Networks. 

9. ISS Art – 

ISS Art has been helping top companies since the year 2003 by producing and developing software solutions in a customised way. The team are experts of mathematical analysis, computer science and training of neural networks along with machine learning to simplify the complicated tasks. 

The company’s core focused technologies involve Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things and Text Analysis. One of the projects included in ISS Art is finding a solution to detect the brachial plexus on an ultrasound. An AI application to identify amphibians, licence recognition system, and getting a solution to identify the label position and the volume of liquid in a bottle. 

10. 10 Pearls – 

10 Pearls is an AI ML development company helping clients in achieving results that transform by using emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, connected devices, voice, and augmented reality. The company was established in the year 2004, 10 Pearls, develops, designs and launches digital solutions to drive revenue from the customer’s. 

The company has built a technology to scan 3D image data sets and to predict if a patient can develop cancer nodules in their lungs. The algorithm of this technology is based on the neural network and predictive analysis. 10 Pearls will always evaluate the impact of the latest technologies while building applications and digital solutions for our clients. 

11. Hatchworks – 

Hatchworks is a US based organisation dealing in software development and solutions. The company acts as a technology leader delivering business and technology bringing outcomes while managing and reducing the costs of geopolitical risks to be able to achieve growth and profitability. 

The company is headquartered in Atlanta with a widespread network of eight offices in about six countries. Our team is highly professional when it comes to work, fluent in English language and located in the time zones of the USA. The company enables improved coordination between people and brings positive outcomes. Our team ensures full service of software solutions aligned correctly with the requirements of your project. 

12. is an Artificial Intelligence Development company helping businesses excel by developing softwares committed to assisting entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world in building high-quality and user centric solutions and products. The company is solely responsible for the designing of these products using the entrepreneurial skills to add extra layers of technology in it. has a lean mindset that helps in creating a framework, and ability to execute ensuring that the software products they have built can help in increasing the odds of success in the future. 

13. BlueLabel 

With over 10 years of experience in handling the terms of AI, the concept of AI is nothing new to us. With the introduction of generative AI in the market, we are unlocking a new spectrum of possibilities and designing meaningful experiences that help in resolving the basic human needs. 

Our team of experts create a strategy bringing together the properties of generative AI and human insights empowering organisations to create transformative value and clarity. A digital transformation agency focusing on the needs of the humans creating digital product strategy, design, development, and AI consulting. 

14. Waverley Software 

We design and build software products and innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Enterprise Automation, Robotics, Smart Home, FinTech, Energy, Healthcare, and other domains. We serve with the goal to create a product that inspires, brings great ideas, providing real time solutions to the world resolving the problems humans face on an everyday basis which could be related to anything. 

Our expertise lies in the areas where we do AI and Chatbot development, Software product engineering, Internet of Things architecture, delivery, enterprise digital transformation, and cloud migration and DevOps. We are an award winning organisation and have always looked forward to helping our clients by providing the best tech solutions to serve their business needs. 


The company provides customised solutions for your digital products. A scalable solution for your business whether it is a startup, scale up or a SMB company. Our team of experts will bring a complete cycle of mobile and web development expertise to share with you. Our team follows a step by step approach to reach our goals. The company has a flexible schedule that delivers the best solutions according to your requirements and approach of the project. This leads to the success of your application allowing your business to excel. 

16. 10Clouds 

10Clouds is a team of experienced developers and designers. The team supports in transforming your digital ideas into impressive, and products that could change the world. Our company provides a wide range of services related to custom product development and designing of it, with a focus on AI and Blockchain. 

Our team aligns with the business goals to be able to deliver critical services such as creating a prototype, providing AI consultation, executing full product development, enhancing designs and expanding your team. Our company was established in the year 2009 and since then we have built and designed digital apps. 

17. 3Advance 

The company is a product based development team with 14 years of experience in the field. The team at 3Advance focuses on providing services such as application development, user experience design and cloud computing. We are into developing AI powered applications, consumer facing apps, and integrations with Generative AI, LLM, and custom RAG applications. We commit to making your business a success by doing proper product management and adding creativity of ideas to your projects. 

18. Radiansys Inc 

Radiansys Inc is a top technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s development centre is located in Gurgaon, India. The company provides technical expertise on start ups, SME’s and Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Our team specialise in Generaive AI, LLM, ChatGPT, RAG, LLaMa, LaMDA, Whisper, etc. 

19. Tooploox 

Tooploox is an Ai Development solution company providing solutions that help different companies by assisting them in giving innovative solutions for startups and building digital products through AI, mobile and website technologies. The company is known for building long term partnerships and forming teams on a professional level allowing them to grow their business. Tooploox is the best software development company ensuring that the vision you have in mind is supported in the right way. 

20. DataRoot Labs 

DataRoot Labs is an AI R&D centre in Ukraine. The core services provided by the company are AI Solutions developments, R&D recruitment team, and Startup venture services. Here we work with a large number of startups and startup accelerators by partially or fully closing AI components development needs. 

TakeAway – 

These are the AI ML development company that are at the forefront and have made a significant contribution to the research and development around the world. Their work includes developing advanced algorithms, building powerful AI products, and driving innovations in various industries. Other technologies like exponential technologies, particularly the ones that are powered by AI, present a wide range of new products and exciting opportunities/products that individuals can use to their advantage. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

 1. What criteria were used to select the top 20 AI development companies in 2024?

The selection process involved rigorous analysis of factors such as innovation, product quality, market impact, client satisfaction, and industry recognition.

2. Can smaller or emerging AI companies still compete with the top 20 listed in 2024?

 Absolutely. While the top 20 represent significant players, the AI landscape is big, and emerging companies with innovative approaches can quickly rise to success.

3. Are these AI companies specialised in particular industries or do they offer wide solutions?

 The top 20 AI companies in 2024 showcase a mix of specialisation. While some focus on specific industries like healthcare or finance, others offer a broad range of AI solutions applicable across sectors.

4. How do these top AI development companies stay ahead in an ever-evolving technology landscape?

Continuous innovation, investment in research and development, strategic partnerships, and a focus on understanding and adapting to emerging trends are key strategies employed by these companies.