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Widespread Utilization of React Native for App Development

React Native is one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks of this age. It facilitates mobile developers to create applications that can be used on multiple platforms like Android and iOS with the help of native UI elements.

The execution of such applications particularly depends upon the implementation of JavaScriptCore runtime. With the help of such a setup, the framework indulges in interactive support for new JavaScript (ES6+) features, for example, arrow functions, async/await and others.

This well-known framework for mobile application development began in the late spring of 2013 as Facebook’s inside hackathon project. It has been generally received by developers and associations due to its capacity to deliver native applications and extraordinary User Interfaces. In the chart underneath, you can envision the expanding pattern for React Native. After 1.5 years of its launch, this framework is said to have dominated Android and iOS development.

Mobile App Development With React Native in 2022

React Native is an open-source JavaScript library launched by Facebook in 2013. It is a generally new library that joins the best of both native developments with React.

It helps in creating UIs for single-page web applications. It accompanies a part structure that permits composing increasingly modular and reusable code in less time and insignificant assets.

React Native accompanies the biggest help networks. As it permits making a solitary JavaScript codebase that works for various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

A report by MarketsandMarkets says Cross-Platform development is expected to grow and create $80.45 billion in the year 2020.

Additionally, according to the Stack Overflow study 2018, 64.9% of the developers cherished React Native as one of the preferably utilized libraries for mobile application development. React Native is well known at this point.

Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

React Native, as some other innovation has a few critical preferences. Before you choose whether React Native is a solid match for your specific project, we would propose you to view a couple of significant points of interest which demonstrates React Native to be one of the most perfect platforms for mobile application developers.

Time Efficient

One of the greatest advantages of this framework is that it is timesaving. This is because React Native interacts with each change in the code at different points, when the application is reloaded in the background.


React Native implements the creation technique of a single code base that can be combinedly used for iOS and Android platforms. It empowers the specialist to put less vitality in coding.

Rich User Experience

This framework is particularly used to create applications with design ensuring compatible estimates, rich-execution, and streamlined user experience.

Integrated Ecosystem

Other than that, an inside and out arranged JavaScript specialist can build up a flexible application using this framework without jumping into the environment and language particulars of every OS.

Smart User Interface

The ensuing User Interface is exceedingly responsive and feels fluid because of offbeat JavaScript connections in the respective conditions and environment.

Relatively Faster

This infers the application will have quicker stacking occasions and smoother feel than the one assembled utilizing a hybrid model.

Top React Native App Development Tools

React Native is a well-known and broadly utilized JavaScript system code library. It is principally utilized for building appealing UIs and permits JavaScript developers to assemble native mobile applications. One of the fundamental explanations behind React Native’s developing ubiquity is that it supports development for both Android just as iOS.

There are different React Native devices which assume an indispensable job in quickening the speed of application development. How about we view some significant ones you can use in your next task.

React Native app development tools


Atom is a free and open-source content manager known for its simple methodology and hackability. It has been created by GitHub and was released in February 2014. It promptly supports Mac, Linux, just as Windows.

Besides, it permits you to pick a few open-source packages for including more features and usefulness. The services comprise an inbuilt package manager, cross-platform editing, various record routes by means of a single window, bespoke designs, and themes.


Nuclide is a free and open-source React Native tool that is grown for the most part as a single package on the highest point of Atom.

It offers hackability and the help of a huge network of developers constantly prepared to help others. It accompanies work in help for Flow. It additionally incorporates inline mistakes, auto-complete and jump-to-definition features.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code was made by Microsoft. It is a strong React Native source code manager that is free and open-source.

For JavaScript developers, it supports JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js. It likewise offers a decent environment of expansions to help different dialects including C++, C#, Java, PHP and Python, and runtimes like Unity and .NET.


Expo is an open-source toolkit for React Native developers. It was created by Expo and was presented as of late in May a year ago. It offers various features, for example, documentation, a Slack people group and network gatherings.

This tool gives developers a rich wellspring of React Native segments, an Expo SDK library, and native APIs for the two iOS and Android platforms.


Flow is one more React Native software application that offers static typing. Facebook discharged it in November 2014 and from that point forward it has given rapid, credible and simplified coding.

Flow is additionally free because of its open-source behaviour. It offers features like integration, real-time feedback, adaptable JavaScript and types inference.

Popular Apps Developed Using React Native

There have been a lot of applications developed using React Native as a framework in the past. Here we are going to discuss some of the most popular applications among them.

mobile app development with react native


Begun in 2006, Wix is an online mobile application that gives web facilitating and web architecture features. Clients can plan and fabricate their websites in HTML5/CSS, just as mobile sites, utilizing intuitive utilities.

Two mainstream highlights of Wix are that designers can make their own web applications to market to different clients and that clients don’t have to realize any coding to make a site.


Gyroscope empowers you to understand the complete account of your life. It is a healthcare application used on steroids. It comprises a lot of exciting features such as following steps, exercise, or pulse, yet with the many combinations, you can likewise follow exercises like profitability on the PC, or utilize a rest tracker and programmed AI to ensure you get enough rest.


Townske means to be your travel inspiration cities to be notified before your next outing. The application associates you with native people to get a rundown of their preferred places and makes a curated rundown of spots to investigate and encounter as native people do. It’s not required for clients to have a record, which is incredible, as it permits you to rapidly locate the following area you need to visit.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is an application for makers that encourages them to deal with their records and keep their community sharing its voice.

At the point when the organization began structuring the second set of native applications, they confronted a couple of hindrances.

iOS developers were difficult to track down and they would not like to have a significant gap between the iOS and Android releases. Along these lines, an autonomous research group began to run client testing meetings with React Native applications models.


Instagram acknowledged the demand to incorporate React Native into their current native application starting from the least complex view you can envision the Push Notification see which was fundamentally executed as the WebView.

It did not require building route foundation, as UI was very straightforward. The dev group at Instagram confronted a couple of issues in transit, yet they significantly improved designer speed.

85% to 99% of code was shared among Android and iOS applications, depending upon items, consequently, the group had the option to convey the application a lot quicker than they would have with a native service.


Bloomberg’s new buyer mobile application for iOS and Android gives customers a streamlined, intuitive involvement in customized substance, recordings and live feeds highlighted over Bloomberg’s Media.

To build up the application, the organization utilized a one of a kind mobile application development system. A designing group at Bloomberg’s NewYork City home office created the application utilizing React Native application innovation, the essential apparatus that really conveys on the guarantee of cross-platform native application development.


Walmart has just demonstrated its creative manner bringing Node.js into its stack. A couple of years after the fact they likewise updated their mobile application into React Native.

Walmart figured out how to improve the exhibition of the application on the two iOS and Android by utilizing less assets and inside a shorter time range. 96% of the codebase was shared between platforms while the aptitudes and experience of developers were utilized over the association.

Future of React Native in Mobile App Development

Certainly, utilizing React Native, developers can develop mobile applications that appear to be like the applications developed utilizing Java or Objective-C.

In spite of the fact that it utilizes a similar principle of User Interface building hinders as iOS and Android applications, developers can amass the squares utilizing React and JavaScript.

As a greater part of the React Native APIs are cross-platform, it has gotten colossally well known among the designers. Additionally, the business that is searching for spending mobile application development React Native is perhaps the best decision for them.

React Native, alongside JS, runs complex applications easily. Accordingly, organizations see it as a serious answer for building hearty applications. Other application frameworks are progressing nicely, yet choosing the right app development framework for any business is a crucial task.

React Native application development is incubated by Facebook engineering. Subsequently, it supports a large network of developers. Facebook is consistently taking a shot at improving its design.

React Native brings the agility and speed of web application development to hybrid application development with all the native usefulness.


React Native as a mobile app development framework is indispensable, rich-featured, and capable that providing the results that the perspectives resemble at any time.

Consequently, it is simpler to compose state-dependent views, as developers are not required to think about refreshing the view when the state changes since the system do this for them.

React Native utilizes JavaScript to develop robust and scalable mobile applications with a structure symmetrical to React and indulges in an interactive user interface.

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