Vue js vs React

In today’s time, each company wants to build a high-quality application quickly. In order to implement the ideas into reality, it is necessary to take care of several things, such as ideas, planning, features, framework, and programming languages. Of course, without these aspects, it isn’t easy to build a functional app. So, you have to choose the right platforms and tools. But the question is which is better, vue js vs react

Usually, app development companies choose JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and databases to find the best ones. With the help of these technologies, you can create smart solutions and applications, but both have pros and cons. Do you have the same query? Well, you are at the right place. Today we will discuss which is better, vue js vs react. It will help you determine which one is better for your next project. 

What is Vue.Js

This flexible, lightweight, JavaScript-based framework provides powerful tools for building modern frontend web projects. This framework is also regarded as a flexible and evolutionary JavaScript framework as it allows changes to be made to an application’s code without affecting any fundamental features and enabling progressive UI to be created. Being a leading Vue.Js development company. We are listing top features of Vue.Js here. 

Its high flexibility always offers bespoke modules and visual components to be added to the web application’s features. 

Key Features of Vue.Js

Key Features of Vue

As we mentioned, it is a popular framework that helps developers to craft an application. But you know that it has some eye-catching features that are very useful for getting up and running enterprise apps. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Virtual DOM

This is a concept implemented by several JavaScript frameworks, including Vue. Instead of adjusting to the DOM, an online duplicate of the DOM is constructed and presented as JavaScript data structures. 

Any modifications to the JavaScript data structures are made first, and then the latter is matched to the initial data structure. So it is easy to determine which one is better, vue.js vs react

  • Two-Way Data Binding

Vue provides a two-way binding functionality. With the use of a binding directive named v-bind provided with Vue. This feature allows you to edit or apply values to HTML elements, change the style, and apply classes. It makes it different from react. So now you have an idea about which one is better: react js vs vue js.

  • Components

Components are Vue’s objects, which have custom HTML elements and can notably be reused. Vue objects and HTML elements interact with one another through properties and events. The code block of a Vue component is equally important for programming vue applications that are stable and scalable. 

  • Computed Properties

This is another feature of Vue that assists in listening to modifications introduced to UI elements and performing the relevant logic, eliminating the requirement for further coding. When you intend to work on mutating a variable that relies on another property being altered, you should use a calculated property. Other data attributes heavily influence computed properties.

  • CSS Transitions and Animations 

When HTML elements are included, deleted, or changed from the DOM, this feature provides multiple transition methods. This functionality comes with an in-built transition component that surrounds the element liable for the transition effect’s return. The professionals may use third-party animation libraries to enhance the user experience. 

  • Watchers 

This feature is used on data that is likely to change regularly, such as form input elements. In this case, a professional is not required to perform any additional actions. Watcher handles any data updates while still keeping the code simple and speedy. Methods, watchers, and computed properties can be called the components’ three main ways to use reactive nature. Now, you have an idea which one is better vue js vs react 2023

What is React.JS

React is an open-source JavaScript library that can be used in order to craft web applications with sophisticated user interfaces. This will allow the programmers to craft reusable bespoke components, enabling faster development times. On the other hand, its ability to load a web page instantly makes it even more search engine-friendly.

In simple terms, it’s an excellent library that encourages the creation of both simple and advanced enterprise apps. If you want to develop an app with React.Js, Hire React.Js Developers from a leading app development company in Dubai, USA, Saudi Arabia.

Key Features of React

Key Features of React

You know the reason behind the popularity of react is its amazing key features that are very useful. Here, we mentioned some functions:

  • Virtual Dom

This feature helps in speeding up and agility of the app development procedure. The method makes it easy to recreate a web page in react’s virtual memory. An online DOM is thus used in order to mimic the actual DOM. You know that the complete UI is generated again by the online DOM whenever the app is amended or upgraded by restoring the components which have been changed. This will save time and money that can be used to build another application. 

  • One-Way Data Binding 

One-way data binding implies that react uses a unidirectional data flow, enabling programmers to utilize the callback function in order to modify components rather than directly altering them. 

  • Components 

This feature means that the UI of the React-based app is composed of numerous components, each of which has its feature coded in JS. As a result, developers can send data via the application without affecting the DOM. 

  • Declarative UI

Declarative UI allows React code to be more understandable and bug-fixing more straightforward. It is not only an ideal framework for creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces for online applications but also for mobile apps.

These are some features of react framework. Once you know the key features of react, you can easily understand which is better, react js vs vue js, for your next project.

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What is the Difference Between React and Vue.js?

React vs Vue

VUe.js and  React js are both the best choice for android app development. But both have pros and cons, so you must choose one per your preference. In this section, we mentioned some differences between react and Vue.js. It will assist you in understanding which is better vue js vs react.

  • Syntax

The primary difference between Vue and React is how the view layer is built. By default, Vue uses HTML templates, but there’s an option to write in JSX. In react, there is solely JSX. On the other hand, Vue’s traditional separation of concerns into CSS, HTML and JS makes it even easier for beginner frontend programmers to learn how to build web applications. 

You know that HTML templates are familiar to most web developers that improve collaboration between designers and developers. React’s JavaScript Expressions combine HTML and CSS together into JavaScript. 

  • Performance in React vs Vue.js

No doubt that Vue and React have a similar-sized architecture using virtual DOM. Usually, Vue currently takes about 80kb, whereas react js is around 100 kb. Therefore, the Vue-based TezJS framework leverages the same approach as VueJS and stands up to its expectations. Vue and React carry out the same manipulations within the same timeframe. 

  • Market Position 

It is obvious for you to know whether other companies are using the same tech stack as you are planning to and how. And you can’t comprehend it in a better way than knowing what other websites and successful agencies are using this framework. 

Many other agencies that decided to use Vue are Nintendo, Xiaomi, Facebook, Grammarly, and Trivago. In the case of react, the list includes Netflix, Atlassian, New York Times, Dropbox, Skype, Airbnb, etc. 

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  • Flexibility

React offers the freedom to install any components of your choice, while Vue suggests particular components to build app features. Therefore, between react vs vue.js, expertise enjoys the flexibility of react, whereas novices might prefer Vue’s approachability. 

Both have a component-based structure, and using react.js for front-end development gives an edge over using Vue. React always has a bigger community of coders than Vue. As a result, there is an extensive list of components and solutions for development requirements. 

  • Scalability

Scalability is another difference between react and vue. Usually, react is more scalable as it allows programmers to write template code in JavaScript. However, Vue needs more scalability as it uses regular-old HTML for templating. 

The different approaches of these platforms in order to implement HTML in the code influence their learning curves as well. Between Vue js vs React, Vue enables the coders to use CSS and HTML in standard forms freely, which is why it is more comprehensible for beginners.

  • Mobile App Development

React allow developers to build iOS and Android apps easily, while Vue has paired with NativeScript to craft cross-platform applications. You know that Facebook released React native with a strict focus on mobile app development. Professionals often consider it one of the best frameworks, as you can share up to 90% of the code for multiple operating systems. Vue is a good alternative to React Native as it supports some mobile app frameworks such as Weex or Native script. For this you also can discuss about you app idea with react native app development company.


Mobile app development is a new trend in today’s time. This is why it is necessary to take care of all aspects, whether a framework, programming language, or many more things. The app development framework will assist you in ensuring the success of your business. But when it comes to choosing a framework, many people have a question about which one is better, vue js vs react

If you have the same query or concern, it is a good idea to read the complete post without turning your head. Above, we mentioned the features and key differences between vue js and react, so it is easier for you to understand which one is better, vue js vs react vs angular for android app development or iOS app development.