Pros and Cons of White Label App Development
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Pros and Cons of White Label App Development

With the development of technology, the demand for mobile app development is rapidly rising. Today everyone depends on mobile apps to do all the work. As a result, mobile app development is in high demand. Nowadays, every business is ready to invest in mobile app development.

But when it comes to developing an app, you have two choices. Firstly, custom app development, and secondly, white-label app development. Generally, this is a ready-made solution to launch your business. After that, it helps a business to grow in an effective manner.

Therefore the demand for white label app development is high in the market. If you are interested in investing money in a white-label app, search for a mobile app development company. Developing an app is not an easy task for a non-technical person. So you need to make a search and find experienced android app developers.

Dedicated developers are familiar with the latest technology and upcoming challenges, so they can handle critical situations and develop a white-label app. Thus, choosing a reliable and trustworthy mobile app development company is necessary.

Brief Information About White Label App

White-label apps are usually created by white-label app development companies and mobile app development companies and then resold to other businesses. These apps are mainly used for generic products and services filling the mass manufacturing category.

Since every business wants to serve the best to their customers and wants to grow the business, the demand for white label app development services is growing rapidly. Therefore, mobile app development companies provide custom android app development services.

We all know that smartphones are the lifeline of human beings. Nowadays, almost everyone carries a phone with several apps to make their life easier. Hence people are looking for custom android app development services.

If you are a businessman and want to take your business to the next level, this is an ideal choice to contact a reliable mobile app development company. With good knowledge and skills, they help you develop an app to meet your high demand.

So don’t waste your time and look out for the best mobile app development company for white-label app development services.

Pros and Cons of White Label App Development 

We know that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, as white-label app development has both pros and cons, so you should be aware of both.

Pros of White Label App Development

  • Get your business up to speed 

We mentioned above that each has a mobile phone. Therefore businesses are looking for a way to boost up there growth. White-label app development is a great way to speed up a business.

White-label app development appeals to many non-tech businesses as it permits them to avoid the common pitfalls and unnecessary costs of white-label app development. Therefore every company should have such applications.

If you have a small business and want to spend them to get a high ROI and good revenue, custom android app development services are the ideal choice. First, however, you need to get in touch with android app developers to get a responsive app.

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  • Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is another great advantage of white label app development. But, of course, when you buy a ready-made app for your business, you need to pay less compared to developing a custom app.

In order to develop a custom app, you need to hire a designer, developer, project manager, and other staff, or you have to outsource custom android app development to a mobile app development company that will develop your application from scratch.

It means the app development process requires research, unique design, efficient development, and extensive testing. Plus, you need to spend a huge amount on iPhone app development services. On the other hand, white-label app development companies sell responsive apps at affordable prices. As a result, white-label app development doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

However, you need to search for a reliable mobile app development company with years of experience providing custom android app development services. It makes sure that your users are not facing difficulties while using the app.

  • There is Involvement in the Project Management Procedure 

Apart from cost efficiency, white-label app development has another great advantage: your business doesn’t have to worry about the development process.

Usually, when we decide to develop an app, our first priority is to hire android app developers for custom android app development. Plus, we have to make efforts to understand how project managers work and how they manage projects.

But when you buy a ready-made white-label app from a reliable mobile app development company, you don’t need to worry about the project management procedure. A trusted and reliable app development agency might already have a proven solution for your business.

Thus, you need to find a reliable name in the industry with years of expertise in this field. It makes sure you get the best services to grow your business. So, research the market to choose a reliable name in this industry.

  • Branding is Easy

With the help of white-label app development, branding is instant and simple. White-label solutions are usually designed for resellers to customize and rebrand as they deem fit. It means you don’t need to follow the complete mobile app development process. Instead, you need to put your branding on it or use it as a launching app for your new venture.

Generally, this is a pre-made template for selling a business service, so you don’t need to waste time and money on research and development. In order to brand your business, you need to only put your own stamp on it and get down to business. This is the main reason that the popularity of custom android app development services is becoming high.

  • Lesser Time to Market

When you decide to develop a custom app, it takes several months or even a year to launch it. And no one can predict what market trends wil be at the time and how advanced your competitors might be. As we discuss, mobile app development is time-consuming and involves several stages. So, why are you taking the risk of falling behind?

Just choose white-label app development services and grow your business. These apps are already developed, so you need to put your company name on them. It takes less time compared to developing a custom app. This is the main reason people prefer these services over hiring in-house mobile app developers.

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  • Hassle-Free Maintenance 

White-label apps are also easy to maintain. This relieves you of a lot of obligations and makes sure that everything is done appropriately. This post-release maintenance is critical since any problem in the early releases may necessitate changing the code. The white-label app distributors typically have a specialized staff of developers and quality assurance professionals that monitor the app’s performance.

If there are any technical glitches, you will receive a notification and get instant solutions. However, maintaining a custom app is an ongoing procedure. You have to hire a team of developers and testers to fix any issue and regularly release patches for fixing bugs.

  • Less Risk of Failure 

A custom app has a high risk of failure, but white-label apps lower the risk. It means that your investment is the same, and you must enjoy all the perks of a wonderful tool while leaving the troubleshooting to the third-party developer. White-label app development provides you with a unique opportunity to test them out before deciding if they are right for your business.

These are a few great advantages of White Level App Development. However, if you are ready to enjoy all the perks, get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company and get the best services within your budget.

Cons of White Label App Development

Above, we discuss some advantages of white-label app development. But here, we will discuss some cons of white-label app development.

  • Limited Customization 

The biggest disadvantage of white-label app development is the limited customization options. It means developing an app from scratch can be exactly what you want it to be. But white-label apps are often a “you get what you see” scenario. For example, in this app, you can add your logo, change the color and maybe move a module around, but that is not enough.

However, you can also hire a white-label app development company to make the app you want. They may develop it as per your requirement. So, find a reliable and trusted mobile app development company with years of expertise in this field.

  • Brand Identity Overlap

You have limited things to do when you choose white-label app development services. This may make it difficult to differentiate your branding and application from another company that bought the same framework. There are high chances that they are not exact, but it may down the impression of your app.

But you can prevent this issue by contacting a reliable white-label app development company and asking them to develop a unique framework. Having a team of dedicated android app developers, they will easily do this task and make an app that looks unique and amazing.

  • Source Code Ownership 

When you buy a white-label app, you don’t get access to the source code or the server. This prevents you from knowing how robust the source code is and how secure your user’s information is. But when you develop the app yourself or hire android app developers to build it, you can immediately negate those risks.

Through the help of white-label app development, you never know what it is unless you ask. So, it depends on whether you are choosing a white-label app development service or a custom app for your business growth.

Cost of White Label App Development 

The white-label app development cost depends on various factors such as geography, size, and experience of white-label app development companies. According to an idea, building a single-platform white-label app might cost you around $15,000 to $35,000, and hourly rates may vary between $50 to $150.

It may also arise with the demand for additional features and functionality and build the app for multiple platforms. Hence, you need to confirm it in advance. It will help you determine the amount of white-label app development. Usually, according to place, developers charge a different price; for an idea, look out the mentioned table.


Geographical Location White Label App Development Cost Per Hour
US $70 to $150 Per Hour
Europe $60 to $100 Per Hour
India $50 to $80 Per Hour


But it is just an idea, not an exact cost. So, you need to discuss it while choosing a mobile app development company. They have certain plans in which they provide different services, and the cost of each plan is different. So, to know the exact white-label app development cost, you should contact an app development agency.

The Last Verdict

In order to develop a custom app, proper planning, design, and a dedicated team of developers are required. But the white-label app is ready-made. It means you don’t need to invest your money in making research and hiring a team of dedicated android app developers for this job.

You only need to invest a small amount and get a responsive app. However, it has some advantages and disadvantages, so before reaching any conclusion, read about it. This will help you determine whether the white app development is good for your business.

If you realize it is not profitable for your business, you can choose custom android app development or  iPhone app development services. However, building a custom mobile app is not as easy as it seems, so it is required to seek the help of an experienced agency with good track records and a team of dedicated developers, designers, and testers.