Best E-Scooter Apps in 2023

The demand for electric scooters is becoming high in the city as well as hill stations to enjoy the ride. It is also a great choice to reduce pollution and save fuel. However, it is difficult to visit physical stores and rent an e-scooter. In such a case, companies show interest in building an e-scooter app that helps users to rent a bike anytime with a couple of clicks. Get a complete list of Best E-Scooter Apps in 2023.

With the help of an app, users can easily book an e-scooter at the selected time. With a smartphone in hand, they can log into the application and check their nearest point to get the e-scooter services. Therefore, people are looking for the best e-scooter apps to make their rides enjoyable and more convenient.

But building an app on your own is a challenging task. In such a case, you should get in touch with an e-scooter app development company that can build one of the best solutions per your requirements and desires. As a leading name, they will understand the requirements of the clients and do their 100% to complete their job.

Best E-Scooter Apps in 2023

list of top e-scooter applications

With the help of an e-scooter, you can make your ride easier and more convenient. No doubt that people are more aware and educated about their life. When people visit a place, they try to search for pocket-friendly options. Whether travelling, they look for more sustainable alternatives to make up for their living. 

Here, we mentioned a list of top e-scooter applications that help you in making your ride more convenient and easy.

  • Bird

Bird is based in California and is popular for operating electric scooters in cities throughout North America at low cost. It is known as one of the best electric scooter apps to opt for ride-sharing services. Since it gives you the facility to find your nearest electric scooter ride and you can get the latest information about the charges. 

It means you can include it in a list of the best e-scooter apps. But when it comes to building an app like a bird, it is required to seek the help of professionals. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, they can easily build an app that is equipped with unique features and functionalities. 

This application was founded in 2017 and is known for ride-sharing services. In simple terms, it helps people to move around their cities in an affordable and convenient way while eliminating their carbon footprint. So, it is an ideal choice for those who are looking for an e-scooter. 

You can also take an idea from this app and build your own. However, you need to get in touch with an on-demand app development company that is proficient in building leading solutions to take your business to the next level with ease. 

  • Spin

Spin is an electric scooter startup that has raised a total funding amount of $7 million. It helps the users to hire scooters across the city and enjoy the ride. Therefore, it is an excellent application in the list of the best e-scooter apps.

If you also have a business and you want to expand it and get more profit, it is a good idea to shift your business online. However, you need to build an app on shifting your business online. In such a case, you can hire mobile app developers who will help you in every possible way. 

  • Skip

Skip is a San Francisco-based electric scooter startup that was launched by Boosted Boards. This company has landed permits in order to operate in Portland under a new pilot program that aims to gauge how the controversial form of micro-transportation will fit in the city. It means users can download this app on their smartphone to locate the nearest e-scooter. 

On the other hand, businesses can also pick an idea from this app and build their own application. But when it comes to building next-generation solutions, you need to hire dedicated developers who are proficient in building an app. 

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  • Goat 

When it comes to renting a e-scooter, people count on a Goat that received official permits from the city’s transportation department for its pilot program. Its leading name believes in providing the best services to its valuable customers. Henceforth, it is an ideal choice. 

So, it is an excellent opportunity to build an e-scooter app like Goat. But as we mentioned, it is not an easy task. Thus, you should get in touch with a leading name committed to providing you with one of the best mobile app development services.

  • Scoot Networks

The main focus of this app is to develop a bike and e-scooter-sharing system. This will provide an online network-sharing system. Moreover, they own and maintain them, which can be used for short trips across the city. 

So, it can count on the list of the best e-scooter apps in 2023 to rent a bike for travelling. But it is advisable to get in touch with a reputable agency that has a good reputation and portfolio in the field of android app development if you want to build an app like Scoot Network. 

  • VOI App

VOI application helps to catch up with the demand of urban areas. This application offers eco-friendly e-scooters for last-mile transport. In simple terms, it is a large platform that helps the customer to make communication easy. So, users can download this application and start their rides. 

But when it comes to building an app like VOI, getting in touch with a custom iPhone app development company that is committed to providing leading solutions as per your demand is required. 

  • Jump

You can count on Jump, where electric bikes and e-scooters are available with ease. Usually, it allows you to go faster, further and have a better time. When the right is completed, you will see a parking zone where you can deposit your e-scooters. Therefore, it can be counted in a list of the best e-scooter apps. 

  • Dott

Dott is known for providing convenient and affordable rides for people in Europe. In order to use this application, users need to sign up and book an e-scooter as per their requirements. This application also provides comfort to its passengers and is climate neutral. 

Aside from this, it is available round the clock, seven days a week, to get you where you need to go. If you have a business, it is also an excellent opportunity for you to build an e-scooter app. In order to make this task easier and more convenient, you can get in touch with a trusted name that will give you possible solutions as per your need.

  • Circ

Circ is a Berlin-based e-scooter agency that was founded in 2018. This company’s custom-built e-scooters are offered in seven nations. Moreover, it gives you access to shared electric scooters in a number of European cities. Therefore, you can also include this application in the list of the best e-scooter apps. 

If you also have an idea and you want to implement it into reality, it is a great choice to hire mobile app developers who will give you ultimate solutions as per your business requirements.

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Must-Have Features In an E-Scooter Mobile App

Must have features of an escooter app

In order to ensure the success of your business, it is necessary to include the required features. It makes sure that people will enjoy the application. Therefore, when deciding to build an e-scooter app, it is important to take care of features.

Here, we mentioned a list of must-have features of an e-scooter mobile app. So, look out for the following features that will assist you in building a functional app for your business. 

  • On-Boarding and Registration

This is the necessary feature that will help the users to access the application immediately after logging in. Moreover, users can learn more about the workings of your electric scooter using onboarding instructional features. 

So, don’t forget to add this function to your app. You can contact an e-scooter app development company to make this job easier. They have in-depth knowledge so that they will complete this task with ease. 

  • Integration of Maps

Using Google maps, users can find out whether they have any e-scooter or bikes in the area. With the help of this feature, users may locate the quickest and most efficient route to their destination. 

Therefore, you need to include this functionality that will allow users to find an electric scooter or bike. But it is advisable to hire dedicated developers who will help you in completing your project on time. Moreover, they make sure the project will be delivered on time.

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  • Scanner For QR Codes

You should include a QR code scanner in your application. With this help, people may begin and conclude their journeys in the safest manner possible. The e-scooter may be unlocked or locked by scanning the QR code. This is why you also add it to your application. 

However, you need to get in touch with a trusted name that has a good portfolio and reputation in mobile app development company in Dubai. So, they will provide you with quality services within your budget. 

  • Payment System

The payment system is also an essential feature an e-scooter app must have. With this help, users must be able to use any payment method, including Braintree, PayPal, and so on. In order to make an application successful, you can contact a custom app development company.

A leading app development company in USA believes in building custom solutions, which is why they will give you the best solutions as per your requirements.

  • Tracking Device Using GPS

E-scooter applications also must have GPS that helps to track real-time location data. This feature makes tracking electric scooters and collecting ones that are required to be repaired easier. 

So, make sure that the application has this function that makes the application more attractive. However, including this feature is a challenging task in the absence of technical knowledge, so it is suggested to seek the help of professionals who build the best e-scooter apps. 

  • Advanced Locks

You should also add an IoT-enable locking system that helps to unlock the e-scooters with QR codes. It means when deciding to build an app, it is required to include this application that not only helps to make more profit but also takes your business to the next level.

To add this function to your app, you can easily contact a reputable on-demand taxi app development company.

Cost of Building an E-Scooter Mobile Application

Cost-of-Building-an-E-Scooter-Mobile-Application | Best E-Scooter Apps in 2023

After studying every factor, knowing the e-scooter app development cost is necessary. However, the cost of building an e-scooter app depends on several factors, such as location, features, and many other factors.

You should pay less for a medium-sized project than a large one. According to an idea, the cost is between $30,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the tech stack, features, and many other factors. 

On the other hand, location also plays an essential role in deciding the cost of building an e-scooter mobile application. For an idea, we mentioned a table that helps determine how much you should pay when building the best e-scooter apps.

Country  E-scooter App Development Per Hour
Europe $40-$100 Per Hour
Australia $45-$150 Per Hour
Africa $30-$90 Per Hour
USA $40-$120 Per Hour
India $25-$70 Per Hour

On the basis of this information, it is easy to find a reputable name in a country that will build the best electric scooter apps for your business and help you generate good revenue and profit per your demand. 

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Final Note

After reading this post, we expect that you have appropriate information about the best e-scooter apps. You also get information about must-have features and the cost of building an app. It will give you an idea of how much you should pay to build an e-scooter app and the features you need to add.

Once you have an idea, it is time to find an e-scooter app development agency that will assist you in creating a great application. Moreover, a reputed company will ensure that your application is equipped with modern technology and trends that will ensure the app’s success.