The Cost and Process of Developing 3D Games with Blockchain Technology
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The Cost and Process of Developing 3D Games with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain games have great popularity, including in the broader world of online games. With blockchain games, the players can easily collect and play NFTs in virtual worlds. Undoubtedly, the blockchain gaming industry is currently valued at $173 billion, surpassing $300 in the next five years. To develop a fully functional game, it is required to join hands with a blockchain app development company

A report shows that this technology has a much more noteworthy impact across the world. With the help of this technology, financial transactions are easier, and they eliminate extra bank expenses. This is the reason that many businesses are using this technology to earn good revenue. 

Crypto is the essential part of blockchain technology that can be used in several types of businesses such as exchanging platforms, e-wallets and live games such as Alien worlds, cryptokitties, Axie infinity, 3D sandbox and many more.   Therefore, gaming companies have decided to build 3D games with blockchain technology.

Building the gaming platform on the blockchain not only to give a true sense of experience but always as an option for play-to-earn. The play-to-earn feature on the gaming platform has provided immense power to entrepreneurs in order to earn a good amount of money.

Developing 3D games with blockchain technology can provide a great user experience to the players. By playing this game, users can win rare collectible tokens and can earn money by exchanging them on the NFT platforms.

Great Advantages of Blockchain Games

Great Advantages of Blockchain Games

Once NFTs became a part of games, businesses brought new opportunities for their business. On the other hand, players also get several advantages. If you want to know blockchain games’ significant advantages, let’s look closely. 

For Players 

  • Gaming as an Investment 

 Playing video games has also been an engaging activity that helps users to earn money. In simple words, it is an investment for the gamers that will give them a good return in a small amount. This is the reason that the players love to play interesting games that will give them a good return. 

  • The Ability to Earn the Wage of Full-Time Work

Players can earn money by playing play-to-earn crypto games with ease. On the internet, you will find many games that allow you to make money daily by selling increased value assets. 

  • NFT Can Prove Ownership

Another great advantage of NFT games for the players is that they can prove ownership. Generally, all gaming NFTs are recorded in their code with the blockchain and by decoding it, players can easily search the originator and history of an NFT. 

  • Transfer of Ownership

Another great advantage of blockchain games is that gamers are eligible to sell their gaming collectibles when they want and get a good amount for them. In simple terms, the buyer can make an owner with the help of this. 

  • Transparency and Demonstrated Security 

With blockchain, it is easy to check the history of ownership that is unchangeable and accessible to the public. Plus, it always provides transparency and verifies the scarcity of every object. 

  • Investment Possibility 

Another great advantage of blockchain games is the investment possibility. This is a great investment opportunity for players who want to earn money by playing games. Whereby, especially scarce objects, others want and need an increase in value significantly and give the owner a powerful return on investment.

Advantages of Blockchain for Business

  • Increase Brand Loyalty

NFT is an important part of the blockchain that represents digital assets. By Building 3D games with blockchain technology, businesses can offer valuable incentives to valuable customers who possess one of your digital tokens. This will assist in getting customer loyalty.

However, you need to seek the help of a blockchain software development company that has deep knowledge about the technology and new trends. With years of experience, they build fully-functional applications. 

  • Tie NFTs to Real-World Products

There is no doubt that written contracts can get lost, damaged, or forgotten; NFTs are proof of ownership. On the other hand, you can use this technology to discourage both real-world and cybercrime theft. Plus, blockchain in education always plays an essential role, which is why businesses are choosing this technology.

  • Virtual Property 

Another great advantage of developing 3D games with blockchain technology is virtual property. Businesses are looking for profit and good revenue, which is why they are always searching for ways to establish themselves in the new virtual worlds. 

With this great technology, you can easily provide your customers ownership of digital assets in the newly created virtual world. 

  • Cross-Platform Ownership

Another great advantage of 3D game development is cross-platform ownership. With this technology, you can unlock assets on multiple networks and platforms. By collaborating with other companies, you can ensure the best services for gamers who want digital assets. 

But when it comes to developing games, you need to seek the help of professionals because they will provide the best blockchain development solutions as per your desire. 

Best Blockchain Games Across the World in 2022

There are multiple games with blockchain technology, in which many are free, and some are free. In this section, we will have a look at some of the top blockchain games worldwide. So, let’s start:

  • Silks

This is the top blockchain game in 2022, and millions of people worldwide prefer to earn money. It captures the attraction of the people in the NFT community, attracting investors from popular NFT collections. Now it is becoming more popular among people looking to earn money. 

Building a game like silk is great if you want to get more popularity in the gaming industry. To complete this task, you can seek the help of a mobile app development company. They will assist you in every way they can.

  • Skyweaver

Skyweaver is another famous blockchain game in 2022 that is a browser-based cross platform card game. There are lots of card game lovers, so it is an excellent opportunity for the players to earn money. It also has amazing features that make it interesting and entertaining.

In order to earn good revenue and get a high ROI, businesses can also invest their money in making 3D games with blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain and How Does it Work?

  • Bloktopia

Another top blockchain game is bloktopia, a virtual skyscraper instead of a collection of land plots. This game will provide an immersive VR experience for the crypto community. Thus, players love to play such kinds of games that will assist them in earning money. 

In order to build a game such as Bloktopia, you can also seek the help of professionals that are committed to providing the best custom web development services. With years of experience, they will assist you in developing fully functional and latest technology games. 

  • My DeFi Pet

This is also a popular game in 2022  that is based on lifestyle. Plus, it also has the right ingredients for a gripping Web3 game — collecting, evolving, breeding, combating and trading pets. 

In order to engage the gamers, it rewards them with short-term rewards designed around the concept of season. But when it comes to developing such a game, it is required to get in touch with a reliable name with years of blockchain development experience.

Complete Guide on Developing 3D Game with Blockchain Technology 

Once you have knowledge about the advantages and the most popular blockchain games, it is time to build 3D games with blockchain technology. But the process itself can be difficult, so you need to understand the complete methodology of the blockchain game development procedure.

To make this procedure more convenient and easy, you need to hire blockchain developers who are proficient in developing games with ease. Here we discuss the process of game development that the developers follow.

  • Analyze and Understand the Blockchain Infrastructure

A blockchain app development company understands blockchain consensus, distributed ledger technology and hash functions. So, they quickly analyze and understand the blockchain infrastructure. Deep knowledge of blockchain technology makes it easy for them to develop 3D games with blockchain technology.

  • Understand Different Data Structures and Databases

A blockchain software development company structures the blockchain network accordingly as per requirement and demand. Plus, they always understand and know the numerous types of best databases and data structures for the target network.

  • Understand Smart Contract Development 

The developers understand the type of smart contracts and how to develop them, so it is an easy job for them to build 3D games with blockchain technology. So, it is a great opportunity for the gaming industry to earn good revenue.

Therefore, you need to contact a trusted custom iPhone app development company if you want to develop a blockchain game for the iOS platform. 

  • Acknowledge Decentralization and Its Application in Blockchain 

A trusted team of developers can build a game using different protocols and procedures on different blockchain platforms. It means if you want the best services in react native app development field or blockchain development, you can rely on them easily. 

  • Computer Coding 

This is the most crucial procedure for developing 3D games with blockchain technology. Having in-depth knowledge of codes, they will easily develop an app without any issue that runs smoothly on every platform, whether it is iOS, Android or Windows. 

Cost of Developing 3D Games with Blockchain Technology 

As we mentioned above, blockchain technology has gained great popularity worldwide, so the primary question of gaming companies is what is the exact cost of developing 3D games with blockchain technology.

When it comes to evaluating the cost of games, you need to consider the tools, technologies, number of features and other aspects that decide the cost of the games. Each country and estate take different charges for the same services that are based on design and tools used in development. 

On the other hand, backend and frontend development and UI/UX design also decide the cost of the development. But note down that the blockchain app development cost is higher than other ones, so set a budget accordingly. For an idea, look out at the table mentioned. 

Countries and State Blockchain App Development Cost Per Hour
USA $150-$200 Per Hour
Saudi Arabia $70 to $150 Per Hour
Eastern Europe $200 to $250 Per Hour
Florida $100 to $170 Per Hour
Bahrain $90 to $160 Per Hour
India  $50 to $90 Per Hour

The cost of blockchain app development in Eastern Europe exceeds India because of geographical location. If you have a low budget and want to get one of the best services for your business, you can get in touch with a reputable company that works all over the world. 

Finding a company that provides the ultimate solutions worldwide makes it easy to develop 3D games with blockchain technology within your budget.

The Final Thought

This information will be helpful for those searching for the procedure and cost of blockchain game development services; if you have any doubt about cost or procedure, get in touch with a leading blockchain software development company with years of experience in this field. 

With in-depth knowledge and a clear understanding of blockchain technology, they will build a game that easily attracts players’ attention. Plus, they always ensure your game has great features required to engage the gamers. 

However, finding a reputable name in the world is not a cakewalk. Thus, you should take time and search the market online or offline. It will assist you in finding a trusted and leading blockchain app development company that will efficiently develop 3D games with blockchain technology.

In order to make this task more convenient and smooth, you can take the help of the internet and find a name with a good portfolio of their previous. Before making a final decision, you should also check the reviews and ratings of the company that will help you to hire ruby on rails developers