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Top Smartphone Apps Seafarers Must have in 2021

Smartphone apps for seafarers have become an indispensable piece in their lives, ashore also on land. Regardless of the amount we criticize, the truth is that it’s hard to live without mobile phones. Mobile apps propelled by smartphones have changed how we communicate, arrange, and recollect things in our day-to-day lives.

Mobile apps have found purpose in almost every aspect of our lives. Along with personal usage, they are also being used extensively for professional applications to provide users with essential data and information with utmost ease of access.

Applications for mobile phones have not only changed how we communicate but also how we organize things and engage ourselves. Applications, for example, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Skype have become vital platforms for individuals – regardless of whether seafarers or not – to stay in contact with their friends and family.

Best Apps for Seafarers 2021

Traveling to uncharted regions, unknown countries, and unfamiliar environments, seafarers are always at risk of problems they are often unaware of. Seafarers also have to deal with issues themselves with limited resources and practically insignificant assistance from authorities, enabling them to use the Internet as an endless supplier of information.

In this era where smartphone applications are taking responsibility, it has gotten amazingly essential to know the “dependable and reliable” ones to keep us destined for success. Smartphone devices are an important part of the maritime lifestyle, just like other people.

Applications, for example, WhatsApp and Skype, are crucial and necessary tools to remain associated with friends and family back onshore. We have composed a list of smartphone apps that help seafarers and can be coined as their best technological friends:

1. Shore Leave

Once downloaded, the app functions offline. All contacts are put away in the sailor’s telephones and are easily accessible from anywhere. The most recent adaptation of the application plans to urge more sailors to visit port-based focuses and have a ton of fun utilizing it. The application has a QR code that enables seafarers to obtain an electronic ticket while visiting centers specified in the app.

The application also incorporates a guided map feature, which sailors can utilize online or download offline. You will be able to post pins on the map of points of interest in other ports or cities so that others can provide updates on sports facilities, transportation networks, and much more.

Key features:

  • Find and contact the nearest seafarers’ center even when you are offline.
  • Save maps offline and share useful locations with other seafarers.
  • Scan the QR codes displayed in seafarers’ centers and collect raffle tickets to win prizes.
  • Seafarers centers are now located on a map that can be downloaded.

Download it on iOS & Android

2. First Aid Apps

Not explicitly made for sailors, yet the “first aid” application by American Red Cross and British Red Cross features basic, simple navigation on ordinary emergency treatment situations and tips on how to prepare for emergencies. To provide first aid and prompt response to injuries, the information on boards frequently falls short.

These applications highlight straightforward, simple guidance on regular medical aid situations, and tips on the best way to get ready for emergencies. There are additional recordings, interactive tests, and basic step-by-step guidance for fast learning. The data required is facilitated on the application itself, which means no internet connection is required, making it quick and straightforward to access.

Key features:

  • Easy to use navigations
  • Expert tips
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Panic/SOS button

Download it on iOS & Android

3. My-Ankaa

If you haven’t downloaded the My-Ankaa application, then you must do it right away. The app will surely revolutionize how you manage and send your records to the workplace, effectively look at how much time you spent on each vessel, and so much more, through the sea service review.

When your profile is set up, your CV is created automatically, and you can send it to the agency or the workstation by clicking on the button, without using your info. Alerts and updates to the expiry document will also be sent to you right away.

Key features:

  • Global news portal
  • Receive timely reminders
  • Analyze sea services
  • Record sea services

Download it for iOS & Android

4. Anti-Shipping Activity Message (ASAM) App

The Anti-Shipping Activity Message mobile application by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is a critical tool offering geographic area and detailed records of unfriendly acts – theft, burglary, kidnapping, and hijacking– against ships, groups, and travelers.

The application likewise permits the client to cache, or store, warning data pulled from the ASAM database when connected to the Internet. When the information is stored, the application works without Wi-Fi or internet so clients can see reports, even on the go. In addition to iTunes, the app is also available on Google Play.

Key features:

  • Geographic locations
  • Offline access
  • Descriptive accounts of hostile acts
  • Safety awareness portal

Download it on iOS & Android

5. Cargo Handbook

This manual is the most extensive freight transportation guide in the maritime industry. The Software is made up of BMT Surveying to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination undamaged, and provides information for the excellent understanding of cargo and its unique transport requirements.

This program allows users to access a wide variety of cargo guidelines for more than 950 products directly. Seafarers can not only access the basic definition, photograph of the cargo, and its particular transport specifications, but they can also obtain details about the conditions for shipping and storage per the specific product.

Key features:

  • Wide range of information
  • Production safety data sheets
  • Constant updates and the addition of new commodities
  • Offline support

Download it for iOS & Android

6. Duolingo- Language Lessons

Working on ships means working with people from all over the world who have various cultures and languages. A problem that has been addressed several times in the past is the language barrier among mariners. People in many countries also don’t speak or understand English. It is better to learn a new language if you travel to new countries.

Duolingo app helps you learn new languages or at least some phrases for breaking down the barrier created by language. With this app, you can learn a new language with ease. It helps you to practice speaking with correct pronunciations, reading, listening, and writing as well. Its lessons are like games that will keep you intrigued.

Key features:

  • Free to use
  • Effective vocabulary
  • Wide variety of language options
  • Provides badges and certificates

Download it for iOS & Android

7. Wellness at Sea

The Wellbeing at Sea app also offers resources for mental health problems online. The sailors’ society introduced it in 2016 as part of an ambitious initiative aimed at encouraging sailors to cope with mental health concerns and poor moral expectations while on deck.

It aims to combat high rates of medical disorders and mental health issues, according to the organization. Downloading the app helps users to access many safety tips, receptions, and workouts to track and protect their physical and mental health at home, port, and sea.

Key features:

  • Daily entries for tracking progress
  • Constant safety reminders
  • Information about different ports and port services
  • Mental health mapping

Download it for iOS & Android

8. Whale Alert

Whale Alert functions by notifying marine people of what is ahead. Its functions include targeting in the show of active whale protection zones, required reports areas, suggested routes, avoidable areas, and near-real-time warnings on shipping lanes to mitigate any fatal collisions between whales and large vessels. At present, it includes just both the US and Canadian coasts.

Whale Alert also offers documentation of whale sightings by the marine community and the general public, resulting from the cooperation of government agencies, academic institutions, nonprofit conservation organizations, and private sector businesses. This information is then shared with leading whale researchers in real-time.

Key features:

  • Real-time information sharing.
  • GPS alert for entering danger zones.
  • Information about different shores.
  • Highly interactive interface.

Download it for iOS & Android

9. Port State Inspections Pocket Checklists App

The Pocket Checklist Mobile app by Port State Inspectors recognizes the most common reasons for the detention of ships. It is recognized as a valuable tool to help the owners and operators reduce their ships’ risk of being detained.

This software helps to identify required regulatory or legislative issues, save several checklists, review completed tasks, add keynotes/images, and email the completed checklists.

Key features:

  • Share the checklist via mail.
  • Save multiple checklists for ease.
  • Add images to the notes for better understanding.
  • Simplified user interface.

Download it for Android

10. Currency Converter

We believe you may have this one already, but it’s worth downloading if you don’t. As countries and time zones are continually changing, the currency converter application such as the XE currency converter app is a must.

Live proprietary monetary rates, charts, and even the most recently updated rates are available in the XE currency converter app, making it work when the user is offline. It is considered as one of the best smartphone apps for Seafarers who are on a constant move.

Key features:

  • Send and receive money
  • Save the last list
  • Money tracker
  • International currency news

Download it for iOS & Android

Diving in Unknown Oceans With Known Technologies

When it comes to the seafarers’ world, there is a variety on the board—regulations, shipping, ports, news, papers, etc. We created the best marine-engineering applications for all of these parts and will help you live on the sea to gain awareness of all these issues, such as abbreviations related to marine life and other matters.

It is not a comprehensive list of Android and iOS apps for seafarers, and many other applications will be of use to mariners worldwide. But for someone to choose a favorite, it’s quite tricky because every device has its target. All these best smartphone apps for seafarers are free, some of which even function offline.

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