How to Build a Live Streaming App Like Tango
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How to Build a Live Streaming App Like Tango

A report shows users spend 550 billion hours streaming live content on mobile applications. The market research shows that the global live-streaming market will reach US$4.3 billion by 2028. Henceforth, it is a good idea to build a live-streaming app like Tango. It is obvious that live stream is multi-media digital content broadcasted by one host and transmitted to many viewers over the internet in real time.

YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live and Tango are some of the most popular live-streaming platforms available on the internet. So, it is an opportunity to build a live-streaming app like Tango. But the app development process is time-consuming and requires proper planning. It means it is a tough task to build a functional and robust application.

Therefore, searching for a trusted and well-known live streaming app development company committed to delivering next-generation mobile app development solutions is suggested. In today’s broadcast, we will share a step-by-step guide to build a live-streaming app like Tango, including features you have to include, cost and other essential things.

What is a Live Streaming App?

Live streaming apps allow users to watch, make and provide recordings continuously, just like live TV. Users just have to download an app to their mobile devices or stream content and many popular social media applications provide live streaming capabilities. Businesses are always able to use live streaming services in order to engage their audience with an interactive experience and enable them to participate in live events.

The live streaming included online classes, conferences, sports events, concerts, product demos, live shopping, watch parties and more. As a result, it is profitable to build a live-streaming app like Tango.

However, the work is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, it is recommended to work with professionals to build live streaming app. Having knowledge and experience in the app development industry, they will provide you ultimate solutions as per your business requirements.

Complete Guide to Build a Live Streaming App Like Tango

Complete Guide to Build a Live Streaming App Like Tango

Building a live-streaming application may get overwhelming since there are a lot of factors to consider. If you are showing interest to build an app like Tango, the below listed guide may be helpful to you.

1. Define the Target Audience and Their Needs

If you have an idea of what you want, it is easier to start the development process. This is why finding the thread between your application’s value and target users is the fundamental preliminary step.

To know what your target audience wants, we recommend relying on data and research along with market analysis, a competitor audit and well-define user personas. It will assist you in adjusting your application’s business value, core features as well as other required things to the target users. For this task, you can also seek the help of a mobile app development company that will help you in doing this job.

2. Choose a CDN, Hosting and Storage

Another step to build a live streaming app is to select CDN, hosting and storage. A CDN provider allows your app to send content to multiple globally distributed data centres. It means that the content is delivered to the user from a geographically closer data centre, which is why making it faster.

There are multiple CDN providers, such as Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, and MaxCDN. So, you can choose anyone as per your preference and desire. In order to choose the best holding and storage, it is recommended to look out for an Android app development company that helps you in every possible way.

3. Build UX/UI Design 

Another step to build a live streaming app like Tango is to create professional UI/UX. Minimal friction, seamless onboarding procedure and attractive designs are the important pillars for the success of an app development project. It means it is essential to keep an eye on the design of the application.

In order to create the best design for your application, you can seek the help of an on-demand app development company with a team of proficient developers, designers and project managers who will help you transform your ideas into reality.

4. Pick Your Team 

Hiring a skilled team of coders for your app is another required step you have to take in order to ensure the success of your app. There is no doubt that the modern hiring market is vibrant, and users have different recruitment options, such as in-house development, outsourcing, and freelance hiring.

However, freelance is not great for long-term collaboration; you can either assemble a development team on-site or provide your tech tasks to an external developer.

But it is required to keep in mind that the second option is more flexible in terms of costs and team management. Once you contact a European service provider for app development, you have to pay around $50 per hour compared to the $150 rate for US-based developers. As a result, it is recommended to look for Indian or European companies for Tango app development.

5. Build and Test Your MVP

Prior to releasing an app, it is important to build an MVP. An MVP includes a minimum set of features required to test your product among real users. Once the MVP is developed, it is necessary to test it in order to eliminate bugs and improve its performance once you hire dedicated developers who perform the best to build MVP.

Henceforth, it is an ideal choice to search for a team of trained developers who have years of experience and dedication to transform an idea into reality.

6. Release the Application 

Once you build and test a live-streaming app like Tango, you have to release the application to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It helps you in making the application live for the public. In order to inform people about the app, you can share the app link on social media accounts.

Key Features of Live Streaming App

Key Features of Live Streaming App

In order to build a live-streaming app like Tango, it is necessary to jazz it up with cutting-edge features. The features play an essential role in the success of a project. This is why it is necessary to include advanced and better features. Here are some features you have to include in your app:

  • Social Sign Up

As per the report, over 70% of 18-25-year-old people prefer social login rather than manually registering. Henceforth, it is good to implement social sign-up. Henceforth, instead of email and password, the app verifies the user’s identity through one of the preferred social networks. This feature will reduce the number of incomplete sign-ups and increase the number of application users. Thus, you must include this feature while deciding to build a live-streaming app like Tango.

  • Extended User Profile 

This is another feature you should consider once deciding to invest in custom live-streaming app development. This amazing feature will allow users to play with settings and dwell on their personalities. On the other hand, you are able to include additional fields like location, substirber badges, social media links along with basic information. Henceforth, it is an ideal functionality you have to add to your app.

  • Extended Streaming Features 

This is another feature you can include in your application to make your app user-friendly and engaging. Adaptive streaming features will ensure the playback is as smooth as possible for all locations, devices and internet speeds. There is just the requirement to adjust the video quality in order to match the bandwidth and CPU of the user’s device. Don’t forget to include this feature in your app, as it helps to improve user engagement.

  • Chats 

Chats feature is another essential functionality you have to include in your app. So, when deciding to build a live-streaming app like Tango, you will need to add this feature. It provides an avenue for broadcasters to reply to queries and remarks.  Viewers, on the other hand, can communicate directly with the streamer, react to the event, and meme it up with GIPHY extensions. You can also include message filtering in order to flag potential spam.

  • Extended Search Features 

This is a highly recommended feature you have to include in your app. It allows the users to make a more detailed clip search using several filters. This feature allows searching videos by location, start date, popularity, number of viewers and others. Therefore, this is the required feature you have to include in your application.


  • Feed 

Ensure the users get relevant recommendations and channel updates on their feeds based on their interests and subscriptions. Video-based feeds are generally widgets that contain content from various streamers. This feature is implemented in one wall-like layout to scroll via clips. Thus, it is important to include this feature in your application.

  • Subscriptions 

Ensure that you include this feature in your application. It allows users to see and manage all active subscriptions. Always, a tier-based paid subscription model can assist streamers in cashing in on their content. In such a scenario, you can include a standalone interface for managing paid subscriptions.

  • Notifications

This is another step you have to include in your application. It will help to send an alert or messages to the user when a streamer goes live. Some apps such as YouTube Live, Twitch, and Tango allow channel owners to send a custom notification whenever they stream and see how their notifications perform through an analytics dashboard.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Live Streaming App?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Live Streaming App?

The video streaming app development cost ranges from $30,000  to $120,000. However, the exact amount may differ depending on the app type, the development team’s location, the product’s complexity, and the type of team involved.

  • Tango App Development Cost By Product Complexity

The complexity of the live streaming mobile app refers to the number of features, functionalities, user roles as well as how every feature interacts with each one. Based on the project’s complexity, mobile app development cost may differ.

App Complexity Costs
Basic $35,000-$70,000
Average $70,000-$120,000
Advanced $120,000+

Note: This is a rough estimate, not the actual cost. In order to know the exact cost, it is good to consult with a trusted mobile app development company.

  • Live Streaming App Development Cost by Developer’s Location

This is another essential factor that may affect the mobile app development cost is the developers’ location. Geography affects because the cost of living differs from one location to another; developers in low-income nations generally charge less than others.

Here is a table for your idea about how live streaming app development cost differs from one country to another.

Region Cost
UK $250,000
US $200,000
Australia $190,000
Western Europe $250,000
Canada $200,000
Eastern Europe $150,000
India $60,000
  • Live Streaming App Development Cost by App Type

The type of mobile app always determines the price. Applications can be categorized based on the operating system that’s hosting them. For an idea, we list out a table below:

App Type Cost
Android $65,000
iOS $80,000
Cross-Platform $100,000

The cross-platform application is able to run on both Android and iOS platforms so that it may cost more. The cost may be lower once you choose an Android or iOS platform separately.

Note down that the cost to build an app depends on several factors such as features, complexity and other factors. We list out the table based on an idea. Don’t take it seriously, as the cost may fluctuate. In order to get a clear idea about the cost, you have to consult with a team of experienced developers.

The Bottom Line 

The demand for live-streaming apps is indeed becoming high. There are many live streaming apps in the market, such as YouTube, Tango, and Twitch. If you are interested to build a live streaming app like Tango, it is required to follow the complete procedure without skipping a single step.

Above, we list a procedure to build a live-streaming app like Tango. It will assist you in building a functional live-streaming app, including advanced features. In order to make the procedure more accessible and efficient, you can also seek the help of a trusted and well-known mobile app development company with a proven track record and a skilled team to hire mobile app developers for your project.


1. What is a video streaming app?

Video streaming applications enable users to see content without having to download it on their devices. Users are able to watch TV shows, sports programs, movies and other content through live-streaming applications.

2. How much does it cost to develop a live-streaming app?

The basic cost to build a live-streaming app is around $80,000. You have to note that the exact price depends on a project’s unique requirements, complexity, features and many other things.

3. Can TechGropse help me build live-streaming apps?

Of course, TechGropse helps you in building a functional and robust live streaming application. We have a team of experienced developers and designers who help you scale up your business.