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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Video Streaming App?

The popularity of video streaming apps has gained instantly in a few years as people look for more flexible and personalised services to watch their favourite TV shows, movies, and many more things on their devices. YouTube and Netflix are also more popular video streaming apps. Thus, the entertainment industry decided to build an OTT App that is equipped with great features.

Video streaming app allows you to watch umpteen movies and TV shows for its paid subscription. Nowadays, a video streaming app has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, and the total revenue is 20 million, which is expected to reach 70-80 billion by the end of 2025. Building a video streaming app is beneficial for both users and the entertainment industry. 

Usually, video streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, and many more allow people to watch their favourite content and videos anytime and anywhere. So, it is right to say that there is still a great demand for such video streaming apps that people want to use for entertainment purposes. 

If you also decide to build your own application and want to know the cost to build a video streaming app such as Netflix or YouTube, this blog is only for you. Here, we have discussed various critical aspects, including cost, features, and everything which is related to video streaming app development. So, don’t forget to read the complete blog. 

Why Invest in a Video Streaming App?

cost to build a video streaming app

As we mentioned above, with the emerging technology and innovation in app development, video streaming applications are grabbing the attention of millions of viewers and opening up whole new opportunities for businesses. 

Henceforth, video streaming apps prove to be one of the most powerful and effective platforms for product and service promotion, broadcasting, online classes, and live announcement. So, investing in a video streaming app is an excellent choice. Here, we also mentioned many more reasons to invest in such an application. 

  • The Skyrocketing Growth 

Nowadays, access to the internet is possible with any device. Therefore, the demand for video streaming apps is becoming more popular in the upcoming years. No doubt that people across the world love to watch video content on their smartphones and other devices they are free. So, investing in a video streaming app is an ideal choice. 

By building an app, you can easily engage your audience with interesting and engaging content on your OTT platform. But when it comes to building an app, it is good to contact a video streaming app development company that has years of expertise in building next-generation solutions for your business.

  •  Build Constant Revenue Opportunities

We all are aware that the rise of the smartphone revolution has helped in the growth of the OTT industry. Therefore, it will generate good revenue. The increase in adaption to the video streaming app has helped businesses to grow their user base and revenue over the years. Therefore, the demand for OTT app development services is high. 

However, you should know the cost to build a video streaming app. It will help you determine how much you should pay in order to build an app. So, before finding a leading name, it is also essential to ask about the cost of app development.

  • Better Convenience for the Audience

In today’s hectic lifestyle, convenience is most important. Henceforth, investment in OTT app development. It will help the users to access digital content on the go. By building a video streaming app, you can provide the best services to your audience. Having a prominent OTT app development company by your side can make sure that your application scales perfectly on different platforms and devices.

Thus, it is advisable to get in touch with a custom OTT app development company that is proficient in building next-generation solutions that will help to take your business to the next level.

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  • Cost-Effective Solution for Media Consumption

Undoubtedly, movie buffs have spent lots of money in order to collect BlueRays and DVDs. However, the OTT platform is different. On the OTT applications, users can easily access their favourite movies, shows, and many more anywhere and anytime by paying a monthly subscription fee. 

Moreover, there will be complete freedom to access TV series, movies, events, live sports, and other shows without any issues. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to build an OTT app. However, building an app is a challenging task on your own because it requires several aspects.

So, prior to building an app, you should also know the cost of building a video streaming app for your business. It will assist you in building an app that not only attracts users but also helps you in generating revenue. 

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  • Superior Sound and Image Quality 

In today’s time, 4K, 8K, and 3D video technologies are more popular. It means businesses with good OTT app development can ensure content quality with superior visuals and sound effects. It will make the viewing experience more enjoyable for the users. 

On the other hand, video and audio quality on OTT applications are life-like, so they ensure the next-generation content consumption experience. Thus, investing in a video streaming app is a good idea. However, you should hire on-demand app developers to make the app development process easier and more convenient. 

Key Features of On-Demand Video Streaming App

features of video streaming app

Features play an important role when it comes to building an app. Therefore, when deciding to build an OTT app, you should take care of the features. This will make sure that the application is fully functional and easy to use. For your help, we mentioned some required functions below:

Features for User Panel

  • Login/Signup

This is the necessary feature a video streaming application must have. It will help the users to log in to the application using email, phone number, social media id, and user name. Therefore, you should include this functionality in your application.

Suppose you want to make the process easier. In that case, get in touch with an on-demand app development company that works on several projects and provides quality services to its valuable customers.

  • Browse and Search Content

Thousands of video content are available on the OTT platform, so finding your favourite shoe is difficult. Therefore, it is important to include browse and search content features that allow users to find their choice of content based on language and video content type category. 

But when it comes to building an app, it is necessary to determine the cost to build a video streaming app, including features and many other aspects.

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  • Select Language and Genre

Undoubtedly, users love watching videos in their native language, so ensure that your application has this language that helps the users to choose a language to watch for a specific video. 

You can hire mobile app developers to customise this feature or assist you in uploading content with multi-language options. So, when deciding to build an app, you need to hire dedicated developers who have years of experience.

  • Play Video Preview 

Don’t forget to add a video preview so that users can instantly understand whether this content fits their choice. We all know that users would love to have video promos instead of watching content for 2-3 hours. 

This is why it is necessary to include a play video preview feature in your application. In order to make the process easier, you can hire dedicated developers who will help you in each and every possible way.

Features of Admin Panel

Features of Admin Panel

  • Manage Subscribers and Users 

When you decide to build an OTT app, it is important to manage subscriber and user features. It will allow you to manage your application and scale it up as the user base increases.

This is the reason that you need to include this feature in your application. However, you should seek the help of professionals committed to providing the best mobile app development services within your budget.

  • Upload Videos on the Platform

Ensure your application has this feature that will assist you in uploading content or adding content flawlessly without interrupting any other functionality of the application. However, it is necessary to know how much it costs to build a video streaming app when you include this feature. 

In such a case, you can also contact an agency that has years of experience in android app development. They will also help you determine the cost of app development.

  • Manage Advertisements and Promotions 

This feature allows the admin to control all the advertisements and promotions on the application. If the abandonment rate is increasing because of excessive advertisement, then the admin can restrict or limit such advertisements. 

Hence, you need to include this feature in your application. For this, you can seek the help of a mobileapp development company in Dubai that will give you ultimate solutions as per your demand. 

  • Run Loyalty Programs

Consider adding this feature to your app that helps you keep your viewers engaged with the app by providing loyalty points on every purchase. So when deciding to build an OTT app, it is required to add this feature to your application.

In order to make the app development task more convenient and easier, you can get in touch with a video streaming app development company. A leading company never compromises on quality, so getting in touch with them is advisable. 

Top Video Streaming Apps

top video streaming apps


There are many OTT video streaming apps on the market, some of these are niche-specific services, and others provide and are geared toward a more general audience. Here, we mentioned some top OTT applications. 

  • Netflix

This is one of the best OTT platforms that started as an online DVD rental shop. In today’s time, it is one of the largest on-demand streaming platforms on the internet. Its instant adaption as live streaming technology began to surface is part of its success. 

This platform provides different monthly pricing plans that include ad-free streaming. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for users. 

  • YouTube

YouTube is an online streaming platform that offers both subscriptions for unlimited streaming and pay-per-view for accessing individual pieces of content. Here, you can also see short clips. In order to get the best user experience, you can pay some amount monthly. 

  • Starz

This is the best OTT app where users can watch their favourite shows. However, they need to login into this app with the essential credentials to their account with their television providers. 

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  • Muvi

This is the best platform for audio as well as video streaming. This is the best platform in the market because they are among those few platforms that focus on streaming only audio files. Therefore, it is the best choice for users. 

  • Diecast

Diecast offers both live streaming and VoD solutions for mobile devices and other platforms. Here, users can find lots of amazing features that make this platform more popular. This platform offers a professional all-device video player, video transcoding, and stream recording. 

What is the Cost of building a Video Streaming App?

Cost to build video streaming app


When it comes to building a video streaming app, the first thing that comes to mind is what is the cost to build a video streaming app. According to an idea, an approximate  OTT app development cost starts from $40 thousand to $80 thousand. However, the actual cost is not possible as it depends on many factors. 

Location is also an essential factor that decides the cost of video streaming app development cost. If you want to know how much it costs to build a video streaming app in different locations, then the following table will help you get an idea about the cost of building an app. 

Location  Video Streaming App Development Cost Per Hour
USA $40-$100 Per Hour
Australia $30-$80 Per Hour
Europe  $35-$120 Per Hour
South Africa $30-$90 Per Hour
India $25-$80 Per Hour

On the basis of this table, you can know the exact cost of building an OTT platform for your business. At different places, developers charge different costs, so this table will help you determine which location is best to hire dedicated developers for your next project.



The demand for OTT platforms is becoming more popular in the upcoming years. Therefore, many industries are showing interest in building OTT applications to serve the best users. But when it comes to building custom solutions, the cost is the primary question that strikes your mind. 

If you want to know the cost to build a video streaming app, the blog will be helpful to you. However, determining the cost is only part of it; you should also hire dedicated developers. They will provide you with ultimate solutions as per your requirements.