Steps to Build an App Like Tripadvisor

Over the years the travel market is getting good revenue. A report shows that the revenue of the travel market is $30 billion which may increase $50 billion by 2025. As a result, travel applications have bright features in upcoming years. So, Tripadvisor mobile app development services are high in demand.

According to a survey more than 50% of people prefer to book their trips online. Tripadvisor guides people to plan their trip in a couple of clicks. Moreover, it provides information such as pictures and feedback from various locations. As a result, investing in Tripadvisor app development is turning out great profits for marketers and investors.

If you want to get good revenue it is good to build an app like Tripadvisor. However, building an app on your own is not an easier task. In such a case it is required to contact a reputable name that is committed to providing you ultimate solutions. In this post, we are going to discuss features, importance and steps to build an app like Tripadvisor.

What is Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor is a leading travel and accommodation website in the US. It shows reviews of restaurants and hotels. Moreover, it lets customers post reviews or opinions related to travel, gather travel-related information and engage in travel forums. On the other hand, this website gives free access to customers as they provide a huge part of the content. Meanwhile, it also uses the advertising model to earn revenue.

The travel portal gives permission to users to post videos and images of their vacations. It always facilitates travel marketers in order to promote their properties via videos. On the other hand, users can always have personalized folders for them to save reviews of attractions, hotels or restaurants in the My Trip folder. Pulse, they can check the pricing and availability of hotels across various online travel portals.

How Does Tripadvisor Work?

How Does Tripadvisor Work?

Tripadvisor is a travel website that gives users permission to find and review restaurants, accommodations and attractions in various destinations around the world. The website is based on user-generated content, which means most of the information is offered by people who have visited the places and shared their experiences. Below are some of the tips on how Tripadvisor works:

  • Create an account on Tripadvisor and search for a destination or a specific place.
  • Now, the website shows a list of options based on the search query, which can be filtered by various criteria such as rating, price and location.
  • After that users can read reviews and see images posted by other travellers who have visited the place. These reviews offer valuable insights and help users make informed decisions about where to stay, eat or visit.
  • Users are always able to leave their own reviews and images after they have visited a place. The reviews are generally structured to cover various aspects of the experience such as service, value for money and services.
  • The website uses an algorithm to rank the accommodations, attractions and restaurants based on the quality and quantity of reviews they have received. This ranking is intended to offer users with the most relevant and trustworthy information.
  • Additionally, Tripadvisor offers other amazing functions such as booking options, maps and travel guides. Users can plan their entire trip using the website and even flights, and book hotels and tours directly from the platform.

In general, Tripadvisor offers a platform for travelers to share their experiences and help others plan their trips. Its success is based on the features, user-generated content which make it one of the most popular websites in the world. If you want to decide to build an app like Tripadvisor, you have to contact professionals who will help you in every possible way.

Business Model a Travel Portal Like Tripadvisor Follow?

Business Model a Travel Portal Like Tripadvisor Follow?

As we all are aware that the demand for trip applications has become higher. But you know that online travel portals usually use a combination of three business models to generate revenue. These business models are the merchant, advertising and agency models. It is obvious that each agency uses one of these as the main revenue stream and others as the other sources of revenue.

If you want to build an app like Tripadvisor then you need to choose a model that suited your business. Let’s look at the different models that your online travel portal can use.

  • Advertising Business Model 

The predominant revenue model of Tripadvisor is based on cost-per-click advertisements displayed on the website. No doubt that Tripadvisor earns a fee from ads such as hoteliers when users hit on the link on Tripadvisor’s website to visit the advertiser’s page.

There are many travel applications that are driven by advertising. They charge CPC to supplier websites and online travel companies for hotels and flights. These websites usually redirect users to the respective site of flights and hotels when they click on the links. The best thing about the advertising model is that it is affordable for small travel agents who decide to build an online travel portal like Tripadvisor.

However, in order to sustain your online travel portal on the advertising model alone, it is required to attract numerous customers or use the existing data and infrastructure to provide new services. To build an app using this model, you have to contact Tripadvisor mobile app development company that has a good portfolio and reputation in the city.

  • Agency Business Model 

This business model helps online travel companies to charge a commission on every transaction to mediate between service providers and travelers. There are many agencies that use this model as the predominant income stream. It lets hotels list their availability on the website and charges 10%- 40% fee for each transaction.

It can also increase by 70%. But when it comes to using this model you have to contact a team of professionals who help you to build a Tripadvisor app including rich and modern features.

  • Merchant Business Model

With the aid of this approach, travel websites can function as retailers and purchase a sizable quantity of hotel rooms to resale on their websites.  The customers have the facility to book their rooms directly in the travel portal.

However, you have to get in touch with a tour and travel app development company that has a good reputation and knowledge in the app development industry. They will give you the best services as per your business requirements.

Features of a Travel Portal App

Features of a Travel Portal App

With the help of mobile applications it is easier for users to book products and services. Moreover, they can book hotel rooms through the help of a travel portal app. As a result, the demand for travel applications is high in today’s time. But when it comes to building a travel application, it is necessary to include the necessary features.

With necessary and advanced features it is easier to provide the best services to your valuable customers. So you have to include basic features such as sign up, profile set up, and search that help to make the searching process more convenient. In order to make the application advanced, you can include the following features:

  • Geolocation 

This is an essential feature a tour and travel app should have. With the help of this feature, hotels can find the location of their customer. The location is used to give personalized offers or look up specific addresses or accommodations. This functionality helps the travel portal with map integration that assists customers search for landmarks and hotels.

So, when deciding to build an app like Tripadvisor don’t forget to include this feature as it helps the users to find a location that they are looking for a stay. Moreover, they can check the map to reach the hotel to stay.

However, you have to hire mobile app developers who have good skill sets as well as years of experience in building a functional and easy-to-use app. Moreover, they will ensure the quality of the project, so it is good to work with professionals.

  • Reviews and Rating 

This is another essential feature a travelling app should have.  It is obvious that Tripadvisor works on reviews of customers which can be viewed by other travelers to go with their travel bookings. In simple terms, the rating and reviews feature gives a sense of trust and credibility for your website and the listings among your customers.

Reviews by other travelers including photos and videos of their trip facilitate other travelers to make their plans accordingly. On the other hand, they motivate service providers to work on improving their offerings. To make the development task more easier and convenient, you can contact an on-demand app development company that helps you in every possible way.

  • Nearby 

When deciding to build an app like Tripadvisor it is necessary to include nearby features. It helps travelers to reach their travel destination. In simple terms, this feature helps them locate nearby attractions, accommodations and other places of interest.

However, completing an app development task on your own is not an easy task. In such a case, you have to hire dedicated developers who help you in every possible way. Moreover, they will make sure that the app is easy to use for everyone.

  • 24*7 Customer Support 

Well, travellers need instant customer support to fix their issues or queries. So, it is necessary that an online travel company offer 24*7 customer support. It makes sure that they don’t have to worry about anything. Having this feature, users can enjoy a stress-free trip when they know you will always be there to assist in any situation.

This is why you have to include this feature in your application. But when it comes to making the task easier it is advisable to hire dedicated developers who are highly experienced and skilled to build an app for your travel agency.

  • Deals & Offers 

It is obvious that people are looking for exclusive deals and offers to make their travel plans. Having push notifications it is easier to inform users about hot deals or discounts to enable them to leverage the best deals.

The online travel portal always offers customers with loyalty points which give them further discounts or exclusive deals if they make the booking using your portal. If your customers get the best deals via your travel portal, they will surely return to you to make bookings in the future.

But when it comes to building an app you have to get all the information about travel app development cost. It will help you to determine how much you have to spend to build a functional and robust application.

  • Track Prices 

This is also an essential feature a travel app must have. This feature will send notifications to customers when there is a fluctuation in the price of the particular flight they are considering booking. In order to include this feature in your application you can contact professionals who are well-versed and experienced to build an app like Tripadvisor.

Steps to Create an App Like Tripadvisor 

Well, there is not only a way to build a travel application. In order to build innovative and robust solutions, you can hire mobile app developers who will easily build an app that fulfills all your news and assist your travel agency reach more travelers who follow the complete procedure to build an app.

Below we mentioned a complete guide an app development company should follow to build a successful and innovative app.

1. Research 

The first step to building an app like Tripadvisor is research. You have to do research on your own that brings great results. Moreover, it makes sure you know everything you want to know about travel applications before handing over your project to someone. In simple terms, good research will assist to build a good plan that ultimately helps in building a responsive app.

2. Industry Competition 

There is a huge competition in the app development industry so it is not easier to establish a brand among the competitors. This is why you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and take inspiration from them. Keeping an eye on your competitors, you will get information about what is in trend in today’s time.

You also need to focus on what they are lacking so that you can excel in the department and stand out from the competition. It will assist you to build an app like Tripadvisor with ease.

3. Trend Research 

Trends can change anytime, which is why it is essential to be updated about recent trends as they can make or break an application. Keeping a close eye on the recent trends will assist you connect to the customers better. On the other hand, you can easily bring up something new in the market and create your own trends as well. By keeping an eye on the new trends you can build a robust solution.

4. Through Planning 

The next step to build an app like Tripadvisor is planning. No doubt that when you plan well, great things will happen. In this phase, you need to plan what all you require in your application and what is going to be its motive. When you decide to build an app like Tripadvisor from scratch, this is the most essential step to focus on. Once you make a plan you need to write it down and make a functional app.

In this section, you have to decide the features you are going to integrate into the application. For the best solution, you need to create a list of important features that you want to include in your application.




5. Choose a Platform 

Now you need to choose the right platform for app development. There are many types of platforms such as Android and iOS and they have their pros and cons which is why it is difficult to choose one. Moreover, where Android has better reach, iOS has better quality customers. Henceforth, you have to choose one as per your requirements and interest.

If you have a limited budget, you can go for an iOS app because it is quicker to build than an Android app. On the other hand, you can go for hybrid applications which will be pocket friendly as both Android and iOS applications can run with the same code. Henceforth, with hybrid applications, there is no requirement to build different apps which saves you time.

6. Hire Mobile App Developers

Lastly, you have to hire mobile app developers to build an app like Tripadvisor you have always wanted. This time you need to conduct research on the top mobile app development agencies and their app development procedure to understand their skills and experience. You have to make sure that the agency you choose for building an app is trustworthy and knows the business model to build an app like Tripadvisor.

Final Notes

Well, over the years people prefer online applications to book hotels. As a result, the demand for travel applications is high in the upcoming years. But when it comes to building an app there are several aspects, so it can be a tough task to build a functional and easy-to-use application for your business.

If you want to build an app like Tripadvisor it is a great choice to search for a reliable mobile app development company that follows the above-listed steps to build an app. A listed agency will follow each and every step to build a successful app and make sure the quality of the project.


1. How Much Time You Will Take to Build an App Like Tripadvisor?

The time to build an app depends on several factors such as complexity, type, framework and many other factors.

2. What Are The Advantages of Building A Travel App?

A travel app helps travelers to find accommodation, book rooms and view maps. As well as it helps travel agencies to serve the best to their valuable customers and generate more revenue as well as profit.

3. How Much Cost Do You Have To Spend To Build An App Like Tripadvisor?

In order to build an app like Tripadvisor you need to spend $20,000 to $40,000. If you want to include basic features you have to pay less compared to fully functional apps that include advanced features.

4. How To Hire Dedicated Developers To Build A Travel App?

In order to hire dedicated developers you have to write a  description and mention all the details. Moreover, you need to schedule an interview and find a candidate who matches your requirements.