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Cost and Key features: e-Prescription Mobile App Development

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Thanks to advanced technology that makes our life more smooth and easier. With the help of an app, it is easy to book an item and services.

Nowadays, the healthcare sector also relies on technology to serve the best services to their patient. Therefore, the demand for an e-prescription app is becoming high.

All we are aware that over the years, when you meet your doctor and convey your health condition to the physician, they write a prescription on the paper.

You glance at the prescription and find it difficult to understand the medicines recommended by the doctor. But chemists find it difficult to read the medicine. At such time, the e-prescription app comes into existence.

Electronic prescriptions replace the traditional method of medicine prescribing process. With a broad range of advantages, e-prescribing is making its own way to becoming an integral part of the healthcare sector.

This is a reason which is why the healthcare industry is moving to e-prescription app development services.

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e-Prescription Mobile App Development Market Size

E-prescribing enables medical practitioners and other doctors to send computer-based electronic generation and transmission of a medical prescription to a healthcare center or pharmacy.

With the help of this solution, drug interactions can check health care quality and reduce medication errors.

Therefore, it is a more convenient solution for doctors than traditional prescription filling techniques that need an ample amount of time.

Growing adoption of an e-prescription app in various medical facilities will strongly propel their demand in the market during the forecast period.


According to a report, the market for e-prescription app development was worth USD 863.64 million in 2018 and is expected to grow to USD 4,017.79 million by 2026. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for the healthcare industry.

Having an e-prescription app, they not only earn profit but also provide the best services to their patient, which is most crucial to building a reputation in the market. Therefore, medical facilities are interested in e-prescription mobile app development.

What is an e-Prescription App?


What is an e-Prescription App?


E-prescribing is the procedure of generating the medicine prescription electronically. This e-prescription can either be sent directly to the patient or the pharmacist. As a prescription is generated online, the patient can easily understand which drugs are prescribed by their doctor.

Moreover, the main purpose of the e-prescription app development is to eliminate the risks involved with manual prescription writing. So, the patient can expect safe and quality care for themselves.

On the other hand, the e-prescription app provides many other advantages as well. Some of them are simplified, improved patient safety, increased patient satisfaction, and many others. The application seamlessly connects patients, pharmacists, and doctors to make sure quality services are being delivered to them.

Know-How an e-Prescription App Works?

Prior to investing your hard-earned money, time, and resources in e-prescription app development, it is required to know how an e-prescription app works.

E-prescription mobile app is flexible and can be developed instantly by seeking the help of a reliable mobile app development company. In order to know how an e-prescription app works, look out the following points:

  • Provide Information

When a patient schedules an appointment with a specialist. He/She takes advantage of the e-prescription app in order to check the patient’s insurance coverage. It helps a doctor to prescribe a medicine covered by the insurance of the patient.

The specialist extracts the information from the PBM, which is the directory of all the medicines covered by a medical plan called “formulary”.

  • Show Prescription History

Apart from insurance coverage, the e-prescription app can enable a physician to see the patient’s previous medical history. With the help of this, the doctor analyzes the patient’s prescription history and creates a new one to send to the pharmacy for fulfillment.

If the pharmacy has multiple options for the medicine prescribed in e-prescription, then the patient has the option to select the most convenient one for them.

  • Convenient Refills

Besides prescription history, refills also become much easier with the e-prescription app as it allows the pharmacy to request the specialist on behalf of the patient. And then they see the request and approve or reject it. Therefore, the healthcare industry develops e-prescription apps to serve the best services to its patient.

Why is it Required to Have an e-Prescription Mobile App?

There is no doubt that humans can make mistakes because of workload and pressure. But manual errors can endanger the patient’s life.

Plus, things can also get even worse if there is a communication breakdown between the healthcare center and the pharmacist and the handwriting is misunderstood.

Therefore, it is required to develop an e-prescription app to eliminate as many mistakes and errors as possible and ensure a seamless workflow.

The benefit of the e-rescription app is that it builds a significant connection between physicians, pharmacists, other prescribers, and patients.

Because of their convenience, e-prescription app development is becoming increasingly popular in the market. It strikes at the risk of human error and makes sure that the appropriate medicines are administered. It also makes it easier to enable interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem.

E-prescription app development is also an environmentally beneficial solution because no pen or paper is required to write a prescription. So, it is also a great solution to reduce the use of paper.

Features an e-Prescription App Should Have


Benefits of -Prescription App


For a successful e-prescription app development, it is required to add some features that will assist you in building a successful app. Here we mentioned some features that an e-prescription app should have:

Features for Patients Panel

  • User Sign-in

An e-prescription mobile app should have this feature that allows patients to give their details about their health conditions. Apart from this, the patient always has to provide information regarding their age, sex, and insurance.

  • Video Medical Appointments 

Video calls are the crux on which the e-prescription app works. Through video calls, exert, and the patient can have live interactions. So, it is easy for a patient to ask about their problems regarding their conditions.

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  • Search for a Medical Specialist 

Whenever a patient wants to find a doctor for an urgent need, he/she looks to turn to geolocation to find out the nearest physician available in the vicinity. Integrating the google maps platform through a third-party API that determines the patient location and nearby

Integrating the Google maps platform through a third-party API that determines the patient location and nearby pharmacies will make the app compliant with medical regulations.

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  • Review of Doctor

After the consultation with the doctor, the patient has the option of giving his feedback regarding his expertise with a specific specialist. He can go to the review and rating section to give his review and rating to the physician.

  • Payment Gateway

After taking consultation with the physician, the patient has to pay the fees to the doctor. To pay through the application, the patient requires a payment gateway which you will be integrating through API.

Doctor Panel 

Doctor panel is an essential part of e-prescription mobile app development as it is integrated with electronic health records that contain important information about prescription medicine, patients, and a calendar that includes all the scheduled appointments. You should also add the following features to an e-prescription app:

  • Management of Appointments 

After the patient is done with the first major step of finding a suitable medical specialist, he has to book an appointment through the app and, after that, place all the necessary information regarding his medical conditions and records. So this app will automatically manage time slots and inform when one or another doctor is available.

  • In-App Messages

In order to allow patients and physicians to send secure messages within the app, reports, and prescriptions, the developer will have to give extra weightage to the technical solutions that he is going to choose.

All the information falls under the category of patient-sensitive data, which is why it needs to meet telemedicine regulations and guidelines. So, it is required to have an in-app messages feature in the doctor panel.

  • Accept/Reject Appointment

This is an important feature of e-prescription mobile app development. In this feature, the physician is able to accept and reject appointment requests from the patient. It means that if the physician is busy with their schedules, they can reject the appointment.

  • Video Call

It is required to have a video call feature in an e-prescription mobile app. The doctors can communicate with the patient through video calls with this feature. The physician can look at the patient’s symptoms and guide them in a better way for their health problems.

  • Push Notifications

It allows receiving a fast notification, updates, and the patient request an appointment to seek immediate medical attention. Therefore, when developing an e-prescription app, don’t forget to add this feature.

Advance Features of e-Prescription App Development 

In order to make a fully-featured e-prescription app, you can also add the following advanced features:

  • Sign Up/ Login

Nowadays, almost all the apps are using the medium of social media accounts to help out there users to log in, and this has made the procedure of logging in pretty simple. Users don’t require to remember their ids and passwords anymore. Therefore, you should add this feature to mobile app development.

  • Voice Search 

Video search is another important feature in e-prescription mobile app development that frees the user from typing anything to search anything on the application. Having this feature in an e-prescription app, the user can search for a physician or medical assistant by saying their name through the speaker, and the search will be performed automatically.

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  • Record Video Sessions 

For later reference, it is always required to add record video sessions. In case the patient wants to have a further look at the medicine or exercises that the physician suggested to him, then he can have a look at them by having a look at the recorded session.

  • Medical Reminders 

Through this feature, a patient is reminded of the medication that he has to take. This application sends a reminder in the form of a push notification that will assist them in taking the medication on time.

  • Document management 

An e-prescription app should have a document management feature. All the documents regarding a patient are stored safe and sound inside the locker of the application. Having this feature, no one can misuse their record in any way or form, and patients can retrieve them at any point of time they want.

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  • Document Scanning 

This is another advanced feature that is required in an e-prescription app. It enhances the image of the document and processes it into a sharp image that is easy to read.

These are a few advanced features an e-prescription app development should have. It makes sure that the patient gets the best cure on time and doctor provides the necessary treatment to improve the quality of the patient’s life.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an e-prescription App?

In order to develop an e-prescription app, many things are required. And the cost of the application depends on the geographical location of an app development company and the availability of the application on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

The geographical location of the selected mobile app development company plays a major role in affecting the cost of the app. Each country takes different charges; some are mentioned below:


Countris e-Prescription App Cost
USA USD $150 to $250 Per Hour
Eastern Europe $120 to $180 Per Hour
India $40 to $80


The number of features that an app will contain is always instrumental in calculating the overall cost of the e-prescription app. An e-prescription app development costs also increased and decreased according to demand. To develop an e-prescription app, you should also hire a mobile development company.

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In addition, the app cost also depends on multiple platforms and advanced features. So you need to choose a plan that meets your budget. It makes sure that your e-prescription mobile app is done within your budget.


Since people have been cautioned to stay at home to contain the spread of COVID-19, it is a great opportunity for the healthcare industry to create an e-prescription app that will take a doctor right at the door to the patient.

Creating an app that is equipped with great features will connect with all the patients in need of attention at such a critical moment of time.

So, the above-mentioned details will help you create an e-prescription mobile app that allows the patient to avail the best services.

In order to develop an app, it is also required to find the best mobile app development company that has years of expertise in this field. It makes sure that you get one of the best e-prescription mobile app development services within your budget.