How To Build a Meditation App Same as Headspace or Calm?
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How To Build a Meditation App Same as Headspace or Calm?

Anxiety and stress are common diseases in today’s time.  No doubt that everyone is depressed because of workload, study and relationships.  We can see many people around us who are stressed, but they don’t know about this.

In such a case, they need to search for a therapist, psychologist and medication practices.  So, building a meditation app similar to Headspace or Calm is good.

These applications are known for providing people with the fastest and easiest digital solutions.  In simple terms, these applications will help people get a better mental health life.

We all are aware that Headspace and calm apps will gain more popularity in upcoming years because of their features and technology.

In simple terms, these applications guide them to live a happy and mindful life.  It means you should build a meditation app that helps users live happy and mindful lives.

However, building an app on your own is a challenging task.  In such a case, you should seek the help of a meditation app development company.

A leading name will undoubtedly give you appropriate solutions that meet your desire and satisfaction.  They also make sure that there is no bug or malware in the application.  It means the user will enjoy your application and get the best solutions to overcome depression and anxiety.

Know Why the Demand for Meditation Apps is Increasing

Know Why the Demand for Meditation Apps is Increasing

Meditation will help those people who are suffering from depression and anxiety.  By practising meditation, a person can get into a positive mental state and tranquillise his mind.

With this help, people can focus on their daily work better and relieve stress caused by the hectic modern lifestyle.

This is why the popularity of meditation apps is becoming high.  According to a report, many people use such applications to relieve stress and manage mental health.  In upcoming years the meditation app development industry will generate more revenue, that is 50 billion by 2027.

Therefore, enterprises have started building a meditation app that will help you create custom solutions per your demand.  However, developing a custom solution that helps you take your business to the next level takes time and effort.

In such a case, getting in touch with an on demand app development company is good.  With years of expertise and dedication, they will give you the ultimate solutions you want to ensure success.

Perks of Using Meditation Applications

As we mentioned above, many people suffer from depression and anxiety.  In order to overcome this situation, they need the help of a therapist who will help them in making their lives better.

Therefore, the demand for meditation app development services is becoming more popular worldwide.  A meditation app has many other advantages, such as headspace or calm.

  • Lower Stress

Using a meditation app on a regular basis can easily overcome depression.  According to research, many people are using such applications to live a better life.  Using a meditation app showed lower cortisol and systolic blood pressure reactivity in those who used the monitoring and acceptance program.

This is why it is profitable for users to reduce their stress.  Hence, businesses are showing interest in building such kinds of applications.  If you are also interested in building a meditation app similar to Headspace or Calm, it is time to seek the help of on demand app developers.

  • Better Social Relationships

Mobile meditation apps can also reduce feelings of loneliness. Usually, mobile applications encourage people to engage in more social interaction. So, it is an excellent opportunity for those who are feeling lonely because they can respond on social media.

They can also increase the social contract by an average of two daily interactions. Therefore, it is a great choice for businesses to build a meditation app that is equipped with rich features.

But as we mentioned before, building the best solutions is challenging for newbies. In such a case, it is good to contact a mobile app development company proficiently building one of the best solutions per your demand.

  • Memory Improvement

It’s really challenging to focus with so much information bombarding you throughout the day. However, a meditation app will help you in any possible way. Mindfulness research tested two groups, so the participants were constantly tested on their memory after six weeks.

In simple terms, the participants who used this application performed better on working memory tests. Researchers have always discovered evidence of changes in brain functions that aided memory improvement.

This is why businesses build meditation apps such as Headspace or calm. However, it is a challenging task on your own, so it is advisable to hire android app developers who have years of expertise in building complex to complex projects with ease.

Features to Consider While Building Meditation App Like Headspace or Calm

Features play an essential role when it comes to building an app. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of features and functionality when it comes to building an app. If you are deciding to build a meditation app similar to calm or Headspace, you need to take care of functionality.

Here, we mention a list of some essential features that you need to consider while deciding to build a meditation app. So, look out below:

1. Profile Creation

Profile creation is an essential function that you should add to a meditation app. It will help the users to create their own profiles on the application where they can see all the essential information related to them or the exercises they have to participate in.

This is why it is necessary to have this function in your application. In order to make this job easy, you can also contact the professionals who will provide you with iPhone app development services within your budget.

2. Introductory Course

Of course, it is optional that everyone who downloads this application knows everything about meditation. This is why you need to add an introductory course to familiarise users with the mindfulness and meditation procedure.

To make this job more accessible and convenient, hiring dedicated developers is excellent. With years of expertise and practice, they will build dynamic and next-generation solutions for you per your demand.

Therefore, while building an app, make sure that the application has this feature. To construct a rich-feature application, you can hire on-demand app developers.

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3. Meditation Session Library

This is another important feature you should consider while building a meditation app. This will let the users listen and practice meditation. With this function in the application, users can fight depression and feel happiness by relaxing.

Henceforth, make sure that your app has the necessary functionality. You can hire on-demand app developers to include this feature in your app. They work according to your requirements and desires.

4. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is also another essential feature that will be able to ask for help 24*7. It also helps you get more traffic to your online meditation platform and will build strong relationships with the intended audience.

Thus, you should include this functionality in your app when deciding to build a meditation app. In order to create a dynamic or next-generation solution, you should hire on-demand app developers.

5. Audio and Video Playback

This is also an essential feature a meditation app must have. It will help the users record their chanting voice or video to track how their breathing has improved. It will also ensure a great user experience, which is why your application should have this functionality.

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6. Progress Tracking

Progress tracking is another essential feature you should add to your application. It will show them how far they have come in the app and the number of stages they are yet to cover to reach the next phase of calmness.

These are essential features a meditation app must have. But when it comes to building a fully-functional and rich-feature application, you need to seek the help of professionals. They will provide you with ultimate solutions as per your desires.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Meditation App

Once you know the required features for an app, it is time to build a meditation app. However, you should follow step-by-step guidance. If you want to develop custom solutions, you need to keep an eye on the following steps:

  • Decide On A Type And Target Audience

The first step is to decide the target audience that will help you shape the marketing strategy and select the correct type of application. Of course, there are different types of applications, so you need to pick one that meets your needs.

  • Research Your Competitors

There is high competition in the market, which is why you need to research your competitors. It will help you determine what your target audience wants, people’s problems and changes users want.

This information will assist you in making an informed decision about what features are included in an app and how it attracts users.

  • Hire a Team

Once you have a clear idea about the target audience, you need to hire a team of dedicated developers. When you hire professionals, they will help you turn your idea into reality. However, you should pay attention to their level of expertise and reviews from previous clients.

It will assist you in understanding whether they are the right fit for you or not. Moreover, it will help you estimate your meditation app’s potential success.

  • Design

Design is also a crucial step in developing an app. Therefore, when building a meditation app, you must take care of the design. For this reason, you should be careful when designing an app.

Simple layouts, colour combinations and smooth animations are required to build custom solutions. Therefore, it is advisable to build the best design for your app.

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  • Development

Once everything is perfect, you need to start the development process. In order to build the best solution, you need to seek the help of professionals. With years of expertise and dedication, they will build the best solution you want.

  • Test

After that, it is necessary to test the application. QA engineers ensure that every single aspect of your application works as it should. This includes design, code, loading speed, overall performance and other essential elements.

  • Release and Support

When the application is tested, you need to launch it and ensure maintenance. You will be required to publish relevant updates and assist users in resolving technical glitches. Therefore, it is important to follow this process to build the best solutions.


Building a mobile application such as Headspace or Calm sounds easy, but you have to face many challenges when it comes to reality. Therefore, an application must have unique and high-standard features that grab the audience’s attention.

If you want to build a meditation app, you need to read this blog, where you will get detailed information about the process of building a meditation app. Plus, here we also mentioned the list of key features an app must have. This will help you in creating the best solutions for you.

However, you should hire on-demand app developers with years of experience building one of the best solutions per your requirements. With years of expertise, they will help you build an app equipped with rich features.