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How to Develop a Workout Streaming App Like Peloton?

Remember the time of utter disappointment when the lockdown was imposed in the nation due to a surge in covid cases? Gym goers (a very significant fraction of our society) were left heartbroken and this is exactly when workout streaming apps gained traction in their use. 

“The global fitness app market size was valued at USD 4.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6% from 2021 to 2028. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in nationwide lockdowns and social distancing norms. This has led to a transition to virtual fitness from traditional studios and gyms”- Grand View Research 

If you are an app developer and are pondering about what is trending in the market, create a workout app with robust features and see how it transforms your users’ and your life too. 

Now that we are talking about fitness tracker app development, discussing the app Peloton will help you understand the process better. 

Learning lessons from Peloton to create a workout app 

Fitness and its practices isn’t what it used to be a few years ago. With time the role of fitness has evolved. The role of fitness is not limited to building ripped 6 pack abs or a summer beach body. However, fitness in recent days is more about building a community where like minded people can create networks, evaluate their values, lifestyle and mindset.

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Peloton managed to hit the soft spot of the fitness community and here are some useful tactics that you may integrate with your workout streaming app like Peloton. 

  • Quality Content
    Initially when Peloton hit the market it only offered online cycling classes. In today’s time it offers around 10 categories that range from yoga to stretching, and walking and running. The number of classes that Peloton offers has reached upto 10,000.

    Peloton has taken this initiative of offering varied classes with a motive to pin more and more users but also provide impeccable services to the existing ones.

    This further concludes to the point that as a marketer you post content that attracts new users yet also serves the existing ones with high value.
  • Live Sessions
    We’re all aware of the buzz that Peloton’s offline classes have created in the fitness world. The icing of the cake however is its live workout broadcasts. Peloton allows its users to access online classes of almost all the categories, daily.

    Peloton, which is one of the best workout streaming apps, makes people love what they’re doing. So the question here arises, what made them develop a fitness app that provides live workout sessions? The answer to this is pretty simple, the team of Peloton figured that online classes influence the long-term behaviors of users. With online classes, users are less likely to miss an opportunity where there can be a part of a live session.

    The effect of live sessions further swims down to the fact that with live classes users tend to feel special. When you have offline data stored, it is great that you can access it anytime, anywhere. However, with live sessions, users feel that the training session is just being held for you.
  • Building a strong Community
    Like we mentioned earlier, fitness has now become a community of like-minded people and Peloton plays as a great platform to bring them all together.
    With certain features of the Peloton app, users can connect and also cheer each other with high fives in a live workout session. 

If you wish to create your own fitness app that is more advanced than Peloton, you may integrate a chatting feature in your app which allows users to connect with trainers to discuss diets, fitness problems, etc.

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What are the features of a workout streaming app like Peloton? 

Features are the most significant part of any app. When it comes to fitness apps such as Peloton itself, the development team must incorporate certain features which are discussed below-

The functioning of an app starts with a sign-up flow. This is the landing part for most of the apps. The next part of this article will help you understand how to develop a workout streaming app that has a user-friendly sign-up flow. 


fitness tracker app development

In most of cases, all the users first land on the onboarding screen after installing any app. An onboarding page gives users information about apps and key features. In simpler words, an Onboarding page describes the benefits of the app briefly. 

Now you may wonder about the needs of Onboarding. To help you understand that we’d like to state a report via Clutch stating that 44% of users download apps just for fun. Your onboarding process can help you turn visitors into loyal users. Here is what you need to keep in mind while working on Onboarding. 

  • Keep it short and crisp. Your content should be compelling enough to convince users within a time span of 60 seconds. 
  • Keep your cards ready on the table, present your benefits in bold letters. 
  • Keep it attractive. You must ensure that your onboarding looks pleasant and appealing. This is the part of an app where you can show creativity. 

Sign -up 

This is one of the most important features of a workout streaming app. The reason behind its significance is quite simple- fitness apps provide workout lessons and diets based on user customization. 

While working on fitness app development, developers must ensure that this feature is built with the right approach. Hire a fitness tracker app development company to ensure that your sign-up process for users is hassle-free.  If you mess up with the sign-up feature development, there is a high chance that you will lose a significant number of users. 

You can keep the following tips in mind while developing the sign-up feature- 

  • Do not make the sign-up mandatory. When you limit your app services to users with a sign-up, it is highly likely that they will leave before even joining your app community. 
  • The sign-up process should be really quick and easy. 
  • Be sure to fix up the social media integration. Users should be able to connect their social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, etc with their profiles. 

Customizing personal profile 

Your app will stay ahead of the competition only if you keep its popularity high even in the long run. This will happen when you build a strong relationship with your users. You can do this by letting users maintain a personal profile. A personal profile facilitates the following- 

  • Users can build a community while following other users and also chatting with them. 
  • Suggest specific plans, subscriptions, and courses with users as per their personal details. 
  • Saves the user data for facilitating access anywhere, anytime.
  • Assist users in tracking their progress. 
  • Reward users with achievements such as badges, reward points, etc. 

In case you wish to develop a fitness tracking app in which classes have a different paying model, you may also use this screen to offer online courses. 


It’s time to take down notes for the core of your workout app. This is the place where you categorize the classes that you offer. Here is what you need to keep in mind to build it just right- 


Categories screen is believed to be one of the easiest ways to allow your users to explore and choose the best content for them. Since we have been talking about developing an app like Peloton, this is how you can get the best out of the reference- 

Categories of a workout streaming app should be made easily noticeable and accessible. 

To make your category section even more appealing to your users,  you may add attractive images with each category. 

Once a user taps on a particular category, he/she will be directed to the screen to find relevant classes. 

Moving ahead let’s learn about the next features- 

Filtering & Sorting

Fitness apps like Peloton have more than 10,000 classes available for their users. With an aim to develop a similar app even with 200 classes available can still be challenging. 

When a user is out there to find the perfect workout lesson for himself, he won’t spend much time finding what he needs and might just leave. 

To make your app a success story, it is important that you offer your clients the best you have and the Filtering and Sorting feature will help you in achieving so. 


Features could also be a totally another screen that works due to the feed-in social media apps. Also, this may be the must-have if you’d prefer to create your own online cycling classes app like Peloton because the fellows have it, too. 

What do you get in featured? 

  • You get the list of all new classes available in the app. 
  • The most popular workout videos from different categories are highlighted. 
  • You are flashed about the upcoming live training 
  • This section also showcases workouts based on the previous history. 

Everything that the bulk of your users may find interesting and useful. The main aim of this screen is to attract users’ attention and make them interested in discovering and using your app whether or not they haven’t thought of it at the moment. .

Live Classes Flow 

Live workout sessions are one of the amazing and interesting things regarding Peloton. If you’d wish to form an application for online workout sessions along with living training, this piece of practicality is quite necessary.

From the user’s perspective, they work almost the identical way thanks to the standard on-demand workouts. The foremost differences here are: 

  • It’s the potential to affix them solely at a particular time. 
  • You can also interact with the list of other users watching the same session and communicate with them with high fives. 


In the Peloton app, you can find the special Schedule screen.

That’s a very convenient tool that shows the list of all planned live sessions for the nearest two weeks. Thus, users are able to plan ahead so they will be available for training at the needed time.

It’s also needed to allow users to “subscribing” to the session so they can later easily find it in their personal profile and receive reminders.

Live Session Details 

There is a section present in your app which provides information about the upcoming live sessions. With the Live Class Details screen, you can know the details of the classes. 

Payment Gateway 

Your workout streaming app might have some features that would need to be purchased. Without a payment gateway feature, you will not be able to sell courses or facilitate subscription packages. 

The key points for developing a payment feature remain the same in almost all kinds of app development. When you develop a fitness tracking app, you must ensure that the payment feature you integrate – 

  • Processes fast transactions 
  • Maintains privacy and security 
  • Hassle-free and easy to use 


Notifications play an extremely important role in apps, especially in the scenario of a fitness tracking app. Not only does it keep reminding active users about their workout timings and much more, but also notifies inactive users for missing out. 

The next question that arises here is why actually a fitness tracker app development should have the notification feature? What exactly does it do? Here are the answers- 

  • Reminds and notifies users about live workout sessions 
  • Notify users if there are on-demand classes ongoing
  • Notifications also keep updating their users about their account activities such as getting a new follower, etc. 
  • Push notifications from a workout app also motivate users to use the app if they have been inactive. 

Integration of wearable devices 

Wearable devices such as smartwatches, biometric devices, etc have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It has been predicted that by 2022 67 million people will be wearing wearable devices since they were designed for fitness itself. 

The use of wearable devices has become so common and efficient that users now expect wearable devices integration in an app. This process will not just smoothen the UX functionality but also give its users a more customized user experience. 

There are various devices that monitor the biometrics of a person. These devices include heart sensors, compression sleeves, etc. 

develop a workout streaming app

To integrate wearables in a fitness app, manufacturers provide the developers the APIs and SDKs. This ensures that your device is integrated with the app seamlessly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Features of a fitness app vary upon the type of fitness app. However, here are some certain features that are common in all kinds of a fitness app- 

  • Sign-up 
  • Workout 
  • Schedule 
  • Live sessions 
  • Notifications 
  • Subscriptions 
  • Payment Gateways


There are various factors that determine the cost of the development of a workout app. However, to give a rough idea, fitness app development may cost around $88,250 to $150,850.

Factors that influence the cost of development of a workout streaming app are- 

  • Features
  • Platform
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Team location
  • DevOps
  • Tech stack

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