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We live in a digital era, and social media platforms are like running fuel for this digital era. Human beings are social animals, and they love social media platforms because of various reasons. There are a lot of social media platforms where users can quench their thirst for getting socially engaged. 

One of the most famous social media applications is Instagram, which is taking the world by storm. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications that is still growing its popularity because of its wonderful features and easily accessible interface. Almost everybody nowadays uses Instagram, and they love to do ‘scrolling’ on this application.

Sometimes you come across certain images and videos that you just can’t help saving while scrolling across your Instagram feed. You can only take screenshots for images – quick, powerful, and easy. But you must use a trustworthy Instagram video downloader app for saving videos.

Best Instagram Video Downloader Apps in 2020

Instagram allows you to upload not just photos but also videos that are long-established on this social network and are an integral type of content. However, Instagram doesn’t have built-in tools to download videos like many social networks. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best Instagram video downloader apps:

1. FastSave for Instagram: Best Instagram Video Downloader App

FastSave is one of the best Instagram photo video downloader apps. On your mobile, you can email and share Instagram images even when you’re offline. You can also repost the saved photographs without a watermark on them. Interestingly, FastSave permits unlimited downloads. You will still upload the photos and videos you’ve saved in the app itself after doing so.

FastSave helps you to import videos and images on Instagram completely. With FastSave, you will be able to save pictures, videos, and downloaded files with friends from Instagram to your computer. All you need to do is enable FastSave in the main menu and open Instagram. All you have to do now is press the Sharing URL to import any picture or video from Instagram. 

Key Features of FastSave Instagram Video Downloader App:

  • Repost the photos by removing watermarks.
  • Robust dashboard.
  • Save photos and videos using batch save mode.
  • Share the saved content even when offline.

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2. Reposter for Instagram: One of the Best Instagram Photo Downloader Apps

We only talked about the application for downloading Instagram images, but what about your favorite posts in descriptions and hashtags? That’s where Reposter for Instagram comes to play! Reposter is one of the best Instagram video downloader apps. You can copy hashtags and saved images/videos using the Reposter app. 

Reposter for IG has a very simplified interface. You will open Instagram by clicking the Instagram button in your application if you have locked your Instagram. You can now repost your feed, message, or use the application to repost your Instagram stories from here. There are many Reposter applications available for both Android and iOS, but interfaces are the same.

Key Features of Reposter Instagram Image Downloader:

  • Repost videos just by one tap.
  • Download videos and images.
  • Remove watermarks.
  • Reposter doesn’t save username or passwords.

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3. Regrann: Download Video from Instagram

Regrann is also one of Instagram’s popular video downloader apps for reposting users. Don’t overlook that the reposting is without the user identities and watermarks provision. You just need to use the option “Copy Sharing URL” and get a photo and video that you want. There is also an option to add signatures. 

You can go to the Regrann Pro app if you like more functionality like scheduled posts. You should plan posts according to your ease. You don’t have to exit the Instagram app for using Regrann. Because of its features,  Regrann is the best app to download videos from Instagram. It is also the best app to download pictures from Instagram.

Key Features of Regrann Instagram Video and Photo Download App:

  • Use the application without exiting the Instagram app.
  • Download photos and videos.
  • Remove watermark.
  • Add Signature. 

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4. Quick Save: One of the Best Instagram Photo Downloader Apps

Quick Save is identical to all other Instagram images and videos download applications. You should repost or share the content with your friends until the content is downloaded. So why is it unique, you may ask? Quick Save is one of the few applications that have been developed to edit images/videos for Instagram video downloaders.

With several filters and editing tools, you can edit photographs or videos. You can also choose grid-styling and photo-splits for your photos/videos to make things more fun. It is one of the fastest Instagram image downloader app. You can also download videos from Instagram by using Quick Save.

Key Features of Quick Save Instagram Photo Downloader :

  • Easy to use.
  • Share downloaded photos and videos.
  • Variety of editing options.
  • Lightweight and fast UI.

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5. VidMate: Download Video from Instagram

VidMate is the best app to download Instagram photos and videos. This one of Android and iPhone’s best YouTube downloaders helps you not only download files but also to watch really fun videos and new records. It has its built-in browser to search for videos, and it also allows you to personalize the output of the download images. 

You may also alter the location of the download. You can also stream video in this best online YouTube Video downloader for iPhone and Android. With the aid of VidMate, you can also download images. Although it is not present in the Play Store, you can find it conveniently via the Internet. 

Key Features of VidMate Instagram Video Image Download:

  • Browse videos.
  • Password lock.
  • Cache cleaner.
  • Add videos from the cloud.

Download for iOS & Android.

6. Snaptube: Download Instagram video & Photo

Snaptube is a reliable video downloader for saving pictures from Instagram for free. It is user-friendly and grouped by common pages, common videos, and groups. You may also perform the search option from the search bar directly. The app also allows the user to select video quality before installing Snaptube as a fast YouTube Android downloader. 

The downloaded video can also be shared within the app on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The videos you save are stored directly in your browser, and the files you save can also be accessed in the categories of music and video.

Key Features of Snaptube Best Video Downloader for Android

  • Save pictures and videos.
  • Save videos from a huge number of platforms.
  • Different video formats are available.
  • Beta version available for trial purposes. 

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7. InsTube: App to Download Videos from Instagram

InsTube is one of Android’s biggest platforms to save videos from Instagram. Videos from other popular websites such as Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. can also be downloaded. The app is trustworthy and offers a fast download speed. 

Until streaming, you can pick the quality of your Instagram videos. The Instagram videos can also be shared with InsTube from the YouTube app. Also, InsTube is highly adaptable, allows you to add bookmarks and create private space to cover any video.

Key Features of InsTube One of the Best Apps to Save Videos from Instagram:

  • Free video downloader.
  • MP4 to MP3 conversion.
  • Video and picture lock.
  • Multi-formats are available.

Download this one of the best video downloader apps for Android

8. InShot Video Downloader: Instagram Video Download App

InShot is the best app to save Instagram videos, allowing you to get videos from all social websites. InShot Inc presents the best Android 2020 video download application. You can stream videos and social media clips at high speed from all social networks and popular videos on your computer. You will be able to browse all social websites and download all HD-videos from your social media accounts with this application. 

InShot Video Downloader is 100% free and supports all formats. The app provides you a built-in browser where you can scan for social networking sites and video sites, and you need to press on the update button to view HD videos and view them offline. It also has a built-in player with a lot of features and videos.

Key Features of Inshot One of the Best Apps to Save Videos from Instagram:

  • Private browser download.
  • Fast video download.
  • Add bookmarks.
  • Resume failed downloads

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9. Video Downloader for Facebook & Instagram: Best App to Download Instagram Videos

You can download any photos or videos uploaded to Facebook and Instagram using this best app to save Instagram videos. The usage of Facebook & Instagram Video Downloader is effortless, as only one button exists. Just the photo or video you want to import has to be copied and pasted. 

All you need to do is copy the link, open this application, type your URL into the appropriate field, click on the download button while you are on Instagram, and find your desired video. The Facebook & Instagram video downloader still has no download limits, meaning you can upload as much as you like unless you naturally have private accounts closed for the writers of images and videos.

Key Features of Video Downloader for Facebook & Instagram:

  • Includes tutorial.
  • Safe & fast.
  • Download videos.
  • No download limits.

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10. iGetter: Download all Instagram Photos and Videos

The iGetter for Instagram Android app is easy to use photo and video downloader from the popular Instagram social network. It is an incredibly fast application. You must go to a web browser and find the Instagram profile you want with beautiful pictures or videos, after which you can copy the address of the picture or video to start downloading the image. 

After some time, the image appears on your device’s screen (depending on how fast your internet is working). You can then save the picture or video to the memory of the computer or only save the address on the content to instantly open the image.

Key Features of iGetter Instagram Video Downloader App:

  • Fast speed.
  • Support posts with multi images.
  • Bookmark posts.
  • No authentication is required.

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Ease Your ‘Scrolling’ by Using Best Instagram Photo Video Downloader Apps

These are some of the best iPhone and Android smartphone Instagram video downloader applications. Videos from many online streaming sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, etc., can not easily be accessed. But you can import from any source video very quickly with the help of these applications. We hope you’ve selected the best downloader for you with the help of this blog.

Are you impressed by the list of apps we just talked about? Well, you can have your application! You can always opt for the best app development company for beautifully excelling your app idea into reality. You can always choose one if you do not want to run your application on both platforms since that may constitute too much investment for beginners.

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Many third-party apps let you download Instagram videos like FastSave, Reposter, and Regrann.



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