Mobile Application Development Trends

In recent years, mobile app development has gained a lot of popularity. Today, apps come with several features to make devices more functional and user-friendly. The market is full of mobile apps designed to target a range of user stories. From online ticket booking apps, shopping apps to reviews apps, there are many significant instances where mobile apps cater to a set of requirements. 

With the launch of affordable and rich-featured Smartphones, people have started purchasing smartphones in a large number. The businesses are looking forward to a rising mobile application market. Business apps are engaging more customers and helping organizations to grow their customer base.

With emerging app ideas, it becomes clear that our mobility market may bring plenty of advancements and opportunities to technology. As per Statista, the mobile app industry can expect $581.9 billion in revenue by 2021 and 935.2 by the year 2023. 

Worldwide Mobile App Revenues Over Years (2014 to 2023)

Mobile Application Development Trends

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The gradual shift from accessing websites on the desktop to using mobile apps on smartphones is what we call mobility transformation. Almost every single task that users used to do on desktops is now operable through a mobile app. Different fields have gained the advantages of this technological transformation dramatically. 

The mobile app development industry has utilized this momentum to brighten the future of technology. We shall discuss the new technology in mobile application development and mobile app future trends to set out the mobile app development companies in 2021. It will bloom the business for service providers and transform the way consumers used to avail services. 

Notable Mobile Application  Development Trends in 2021

The most important thing that makes mobile app development a centered topic of discussion is its evolving trends. Every year smartphone users witness two significant instances of technological transformation; hardware improvements and Software advancements. Software advancements tend to the adoption of new features in smartphones. Since we are discussing the mobile app trends, we shall emphasize Software advancements in mobile devices.

Let’s have a look at what popular mobile app trends you have been missing, and also the new trends in mobile apps that you may experience in the years to come;

1. Digital Wallets: One of the Most ‘Reliable’ Trends in Mobile Apps

The digital wallet industry has grown dramatically in recent years. The payment methods first shifted from cash to credit cards and online money transfers. Now we have digital wallets where we can add and transfer money within seconds from our smartphones.

Every mobile app has been integrated into a few digital wallets to provide its users with a facility to make payments easily using digital wallets. Customers demand payment methods with the least flaws carried out by mobile wallets. 

Mobile banking, hence, has now become one of the most favorite mobile application trends for customers (instances like- Paytm, PayPal, GPay, Amazon Pay) that offer user-friendly and secure payment methods. 

Mobile app users may use the digital wallet in different forms in the future such as;

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets 
  • Smart Speaker Payments 
  • NFC-Based Wallet Solutions 
  • AI-Based Wallet Solutions 
  • International remittance 

2. Blockchain Technology: One of the Most ‘Transparent’ Application Development Trends

People often relate Blockchain technology to finance applications, which is partially correct. Blockchain not only transforms the finance processes but can also engage secure storage of data. Blockchain technology helps organizations to utilize digital currency. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency used by a large number of users for online transactions. This technology ensures a more secure transferring of data and payments.

If users understand almost everything about Blockchain technology, then they can quickly impart their knowledge in building the following apps using this technology:

  • Blockchain as a service (BaaS)  
  • Trading on the cryptocurrency exchange  
  • Asset Tokenization  
  • Blockchain in anti-piracy 

3. Beacon Technology: Evolution of One of the Most ‘Compact’ Application Development Trends

Seven years after being introduced by Apple, beacons have found their niche in engaging with customers with a location-oriented experience. Beacon Technology is one of the most advanced iOS app development trends and mobile app development companies have finally recognized beacon technology as a push marketing and opt-in strategy in iOS development.

Different industries such as Museums, Hotels, Healthcare, and many more have adopted Beacon technology for multiple use-cases, ultimately for the customer-oriented features. reported that the number of applications using beacon technology would increase to 400 million globally by the end of 2021.

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App users may find the adoption of Beacon in new app development trends:

  • Mobile payments beacons 
  • AI-enabled chips 
  • Automated machine learning 
  • Beacon treasure hunting

4. Artificial Intelligence: One of the Most ‘Futuristic’ Mobile App Development Trends

Artificial intelligence is a technology of machines emulating humans. It performs the task that is in contrast with human behavioral patterns. It has turned the world of technology upside down. Mobile app development companies have realized the scope of Artificial Intelligence. App users must be ready to see more of it. 

The app development industry may utilize AI along with the frameworks of machine learning to advance mobile apps in different ways;

  • Predicting user behaviors 
  • Integration of AI with IoT  
  • AI-enabled face unlocks  
  • AIOps for automating IT functions  
  • Smart camera with subject identification 
  • Adaptive battery for more battery lifespan  
  • High app reliability for cybersecurity  
  • Language and voice translations 

5. 5G Wireless Technologies: One of the ‘Most-Awaited’ Mobile App Development Trends

The adoption of 5G technology in wireless technology may bring lucrative business outcomes for app development companies. It is going to be one of the top trends in mobile app development in 2021. With 5G, one can see faster download and upload speeds. 

New forms of wireless technology such as robots, drones, self-driving vehicles, and new medical devices play a significant role in today’s communications. It will drive innovation and technology transformation in 2021. 

5G wireless services are not limited to high speed but also serve other functionalities such as; 

  • 3D gaming  
  • Augmented Reality  
  • Data security 

6. Internet of Things: One of the Most ‘Connecting’ Trends in Mobile App Development

The utilization of the internet of things (IoT) technology can enable mobile apps to send and receive data interactively. This approach may transform the app functionalities dramatically. The Internet of Things is already one of the most transformative mobile app development trends in 2021. IoT has already made our lives easier and is all set to make it even more effortless with its integration in a wide range of smart devices like wristwatches, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. 

Organizations of different fields have started using IoT such as;

  • IoT in healthcare  
  • AI-enabled IoT devices  
  • Self-driving and smart automobiles  
  • Smart homes and cities 

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: One of the Most ‘Enhanced’ Mobile App Industry Trends

With the buzz created by Pokemon Go, it was made clear that AR and VR have set their predominance in the market for a long time. In 2019, many mobile apps shifted to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

The developers are looking forward to creating breathtaking graphics, visuals, and whatnot in-app experiences. There are apps like Instagram and Snapchat that are the current example of how successful AR and VR can be, and we can still not fathom their popularity in the years to come.

AR and VR can transform mobility in several ways. For example:

  • Integration of AI with AR and VR 
  • VR and AR in Teaching and Training 
  • The New VR-Powered Entertainment 
  • AR Makes Shopping Easier 
  • VR-Enabled Native Advertising 

8. EMM and APM: One of the Most ‘Empowering’ Mobile Application Technology Trends

Application Performance Management (APM) is the mobile metrics combined in 2016 by Google, reducing the snag that possibly slows down the application performance. This is how APM helps enhance functionality. 

APM has become one of the most suitable Android app development trends for testing apps for quality testers. 

The EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management platform helps organizations and mobile applications developer with empowering securely mobile devices that the employees use, which also encourages portable processing to sort out the business strategies. 

EMM incorporates the following components;

  • App maintenance  
  • App security  
  • Finance management 

9. Chatbots: Most ‘Promising’ Mobile App Trends 2021

One of the most in-demand and popular features of mobile apps is its customer support service. It is hard that one assistant can be available 24*7. The introduction of chatbots appealed more to mobile app development companies than hiring a customer support team.

In 2021, chatbots will be made integral within mobile applications to create nearly 85% of interactions with businesses through chatbots. Chatbots are one of the latest mobile app development trends that transform the way businesses communicate with their customers and prospects.

Let’s have a look at some advanced chatbot trends in 2021:

  • Chatbots will be more human 
  • Use of AI in contact centers 
  • Messaging platforms as a growth driver for chatbots 
  • Voice bots are becoming mainstream 
  • Chatbots will automate payments 

10. Application Security Can Become More Emphasized With Latest Trends in Mobile Apps

With restricted data floating around on the web, app security can be a crucial subject these days. There are various loopholes for unethical hackers and cyber thieves. The most used applications as Uber and Facebook, are convicted for their security issues. It is no surprise that app security may get special attention from every mobile app development company in years to come.

Ride-On Technology Using Top Application Development Trends 

App developers always explore new trends and technologies to gain a competitive advantage. However, considering the trends is useful for both developers and clients. It is still a dynamic path for marketing. There is always something new that makes businesses more efficient in various aspects. These discoveries and implementations lead to becoming a trend. To explore more about the new trends in the mobile app development industry and discuss your business idea, you can consult us.

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