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10 Best Educational App Ideas for Students and Universities

The education system is being revolutionized by technology. Students can now address their daily classroom doubts by communicating with teachers and that too with games and quizzes. The advent of technology and its partnership with education has transformed the way students are now studying. Education apps have completely changes.

In fact, there are many schools, universities, and institutions that are showing interest in elearning app development services, helping school and college students and teachers to get in touch in real-time. Apart from schools and universities, many ed-tech startups are also investing money in education app development, and it is predicted that m-education spending will reach 37.8 billion US dollars by 2020. Before knowing the 10 Best Educational App Ideas for Students and Universities let’s first talk about why they are a huge success.

Best educational apps provide a lot of benefits to both students and teachers, let’s know what all they are-

 Benefits of Education Apps


Learning Made Innovative

The increased use of mobile applications has led to the implementation of new teaching methods in schools.

The versatility offered in mobile applications could be an excellent approach to get kids thinking innovatively and broadening their perspectives when applied in unison with the effective approach.

Facilitated Student-Teacher Interaction 

The best way to effectively improve communication between teachers and students is to strengthen the relationship outside the classroom. 

This makes it simpler for teachers to respond to parents’ worries about their children’s academic development. Additionally, it helps maintain transparency throughout the educational institutions.

Improved Engagement 

A great example of how graphics are always more interesting than simply texts- is Best Educational App Ideas. Students can find it challenging to pay attention in class since the material could be monotonous. However, many students are drawn to Best Educational App Ideas because of their engaging character.

Supplement Ebooks 

Students of today are increasingly embracing online Best Educational App Ideas.  Apps that allow you to search libraries or discover books are really helpful in this situation. These solutions allow students to easily locate useful course content within the mobile app.

As a result, learners can keep their study materials closer to hand and arrange their online study materials more effectively.

Bridging the Gap Between Teachers and Students 

Students of today are increasingly embracing online Best Educational App Ideas.  Apps that allow you to search libraries or discover books are really helpful in this situation. These solutions allow students to easily locate useful course content within the mobile app.

As a result, learners can keep their study materials closer to hand and arrange their online study materials more effectively.

Other Features 

One of the numerous student-related activities that can be completed with the use of Best Educational App Ideas is making online school payments. It removes the need to stand in line to pay for several costs associated with attending school.

Additionally, attendance-management applications track student attendance, enabling teachers to keep an eye on involvement in class. Teachers and parents have easy access to attendance information.

Now without any further ado, let’s talk about the best educational app ideas: 

Best Educational App Ideas that Make a Difference

Best Educational App Ideas

If you are an ed-tech startup or an entrepreneur looking for investment opportunities, you can think of Best Educational App Ideas and start building an education app to generate huge profits. In this blog we are going to discuss some of the Best Educational App Ideas that have made a huge difference in how education is imparted, giving more facilities to students and teachers. 

Let’s get started with the 10 Best Educational App Ideas for Students and Universities- 

AR- Based Education Apps 

Create an augmented reality (AR)-based education app to educate and explain concepts to learners in a creative manner. These applications can be used by teachers to engage students in scientific classes and experiments while providing a realistic learning environment.

Students can even adopt such AR-based apps to acquire in-depth information about the cosmos, solar systems, and each planet. Students adopting the educational app will have a 3D vision thanks to the AR app which is one of the : Best Educational App Ideas to have ever existed. 

As a leading on demand app development company you can hire elearning app developers from us to develop an AR based education app for both Android and iOS.

Apps for Specially- Abled Kids 

A mobile application for children with disabilities is another  one of the Best Educational App Ideas that you as a school, college, university, or ed-tech company can take into consideration. Children with disabilities can take classes and learn from the convenience of their own homes using a mobile.

Such an app idea was created specifically for students with disabilities who are unable to attend regular courses and lectures. Through this app, users can participate in live classrooms and communicate with lecturers in real-time.

best educational apps

By providing them with a regular learning environment, the app will overcome the learning gap between instructors and children with disabilities. Therefore, using this original concept to create an app will help you stand out from the competition. Hire on demand app developers to create an app for specially abled kids. 

Student Performance Tracking App

Yet another Best Educational App Ideas is specifically for schools and institutions to create student monitoring apps for parents to check performance, attendance, conduct, and general progress of their child.

Parents can use this app to contact instructors to talk about their child’s performance, pay tuition online with only one click, and get important notifications about test and lecture time.

Because you provide every update through this one app, you do not need to come up with several apps, such as attendance apps or test apps. For this reason, if you’re seeking for a new app concept, consider developing a student performance tracking app with help of an on demand app development company. 

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Dictionary App

A dictionary app is the only one that is appropriate for both students and teachers regardless of age. Before a decade, everyone carried a pocket dictionary. But the situation has entirely altered at this point. A dictionary app is available for smartphones.

Using apps is more appealing to people than lugging around a 2000–3000 page dictionary. Additionally, it helps the user because it takes less time to look up terms and their definitions. You can hire on demand app developers to develop a dictionary app which is considered as Best Educational App Ideas because of its popularity. 

Vocabulary Building App

The basic requirement needed to sit in any competitive exam is vocabulary. Even enhancing vocabulary can increase self-assurance. A vocabulary-improving app with tests, riddles, and word games is likely to draw more users since it balances learning with enjoyment.

Before, everyone carried a pocket dictionary. Those days are long gone, but the need for outstanding vocabulary still exists. This is the time when you can transform the vocabulary building process by adding a word bank using which people can express their thoughts in precise words. Your users’ pronunciation will also improve as a result of their enhanced vocabulary.

Additionally, it will aid in enhancing sentence structure, orthography, phrasing, and pronunciation. Moreover, you might include a function that allows them to evaluate themselves and monitor their development.

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Question- Answer App

It might be difficult for students and teachers to find and prepare questions and answers. With that in mind, this app was created so that students could quickly look up  their questions and get ready to answer questions. 

The app offers exam series in addition to questions and answers, which aids students in their own evaluation. Additionally, you can add a section to this app that includes some extra questions and answers to assist learners and prepare to perform in their exams with shining colors. 

Competitive Exam App

Without guidance, studying for a competitive test is difficult. These days, students can take guidance from a competitive exam app. Such apps help students to find limitless study material. With these apps students get the entire syllabus, reference books, eBooks and much more. Students can also assess themselves by taking part in series applications. 

Education Games and Quizzes 

The development of an educational app with a variety of activities and tests that allows students of all ages to participate is another Best Educational App Ideas. The app’s activities and quizzes will be focused on questions on language, algebra, and general knowledge, making it easier for kids to study and test on one platform.

Additionally, quizzes and exercises can be found for students of different age groups based on their preferences, including category, age group, and level of difficulty. If your education app idea has such features, it will draw in more users. You can have an app with amazing features if you avail mobile app development services

Language Learning App

If you’re searching for a great app concept like Duolingo, you can consider creating a language learning application. Through a variety of entertaining games and quizzes, users of Duolingo can learn languages like English, German, Spanish, or other languages.

Users just need to devote 20 minutes a day to learning a new language. Additionally, you can include a function if you hire dedicated developers to give students personalized tests and activities to assist them overcome their obstacles.

Self Note App

The old way to retain notes was to write them down in a book, but as Best Educational App Ideas have been introduced, self-noted apps like keep-notes have also been launched in the market.

When you have a self-note app, there is no need for notebooks. Students will find it simpler to type the note on the app than in a notepad. This will simplify their job and allow them to easily share all important notes.

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These were the best education app ideas that you can develop into a fully-fledged working mobile app with help of educational app development companies. With these apps, teacher and student communication becomes very clear. 

If any of the above mentioned ideas intrigued you, you can contact us directly to hire mobile app developers to build educational app. 

If you still have questions or are confused about how to hire a mobile application developer to create learning apps for students, the cost of developing educational apps, the timeline for creating the best learning mobile applications, or any other topic related to the education sector, please contact us. Our team will get in touch with you and assist you in everything related to mobile app development.