Best Blockchain Games to Play and Earn in 2022
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Best Blockchain Games to Play and Earn in 2022

Nowadays, blockchain games have exploded in popularity in the world of online gaming. Players can easily collect and play NFTs in the online world by playing blockchain games. The best blockchain games have strong grapes in the market.

This is the reason that the popularity of the best blockchain games is increasing. This advanced technology makes the crypto gaming industry worth billions of dollars. Usually, play-to-earn games are defined as crypto games, which will allow the games to enjoy them in terms of gameplay.

Therefore, companies are dedicated to developing blockchain games for android and iOS. With the help of such games, players can earn currency that can be used to purchase NFTs or transferred directly to a crypto wallet and sold.

In this post, we will show a blockchain games list that will assist the players in choosing one of the best games to earn money. Stay tuned with us if you want to know more about the games.

What are Blockchain Games?

What are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games always allow players to earn money and are one of the biggest growing trends in decentralised finance. Blockchain games are played to earn greater concepts that will grow exponentially and have a really tough ceiling to visualise. 

In simple words, NFT games are video games that use blockchain technology in order to store game data on a decentralised network. Generally, the term “blockchain game” can always refer to games that use cryptocurrency or digital assets as in-game currency.

This is why companies have started building the best blockchain games to make money. If you want to earn good revenue and high ROI, investing your money to build the best blockchain games is good.

How is Blockchain Changing the Gaming Industry?

Blockchain gaming has gone from a niche novelty to an absolute juggernaut in just a few short years. From decentralised gaming platforms like Decentraland to pioneering titles like CryptoKitties, Blockchain’s potential for disruption is unprecedented. 

This technology changes the gaming industry completely, whether they are free blockchain games or paid games. In order to know how blockchain is changing the gaming industry, read out the following points:

  • Blockchain Making Gaming More Secure

Blockchain technology makes gaming more secure. It will ensure that the players will enjoy the game and easily earn good revenue. If you use this technology in the gaming industry, cybercriminals are not able to take down an uncentralized network because of the absence of service and effective data encryption techniques. 

  • Give Permission to the Real Ownership of the In-Game Assets

Blockchain technology lets the game’s assets be held outside of games securely and transparently. We all know that digital ownership in its original form is the primary gaming principle which is supported by this technology. It always allows players to exchange valuable goods and gain from their successes. 

  • Assist the Players in Control Games 

Blockchain technology can assist gamers in controlling their favourite games. It means that the players are the ones who determine future upgrades, features and the general direction of the program. However, you should contact a blockchain development company that has years of experience in this field. 

  • Blockchain Allows Players to Earn Points When They Play

Blockchain technology plays an essential role in the gaming industry, allowing players to make money from their game’s progress and other items. Plus, there is no need to seek the help of a third party. 

Thus, businesses decide to invest their money in creating the best blockchain games. They will help the businesses earn good revenue and high ROI once invested. However, you should hire a reliable name that has years of experience in this field.

The Blockchain Game List 

Blockchain technology has a significant impact on the world of gaming. This is why it is suggested to create the best blockchain games. But for the players, it is tough to determine the best blockchain games in  2022.

If you are a player and want to know which are the best blockchain games to make money from, the following list will help you in determining the best NFT games. 

#1. Reflexive AR

Reflexive is taking the world by storm on the back of its revolutionary new blockchain-based Augmented Reality technology.

This new reality gaming platform has created a sprawling virtual world that will be familiar to fans of Halo and Destiny, with real-world weapons, characters and vehicles. The game uses blockchain to handle all aspects of the transaction process, from character growth to in-game purchases.

In 2022, more than 50 million Reflexive users worldwide will be engaged in an immersive experience that could very easily make the world a better place.

#2. Pegaxy

This is one of the fantastic games that allows players to participate in the races and rewards gamers to master the game elements and refine their skills, including understanding the mechanics and dominating the competitors. 

By playing this game, the gamers can easily earn VIS tokens by competing in the race and winning the top 3. However, they need to purchase or rent a page from the marketplace. If you want to create the best blockchain games, it is time to seek the help of an expert that has years of expertise in developing fully-featured games.

#3. Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is the top blockchain game that requires three Axies that you can purchase from their marketplace. Plus, you can purchase eggs from the Axies labs and wait for them to turn into this game. 

Aside from this, you are eligible to breed eggs with the Axies in order to produce new Axies and sell them in the marketplace to earn some amount. These NFT Axies are meant in order to fight other Axies in the group of three to earn the native token. 

Generally, this is the governance token that you can always exchange for real cash. On the other hand, one can stake them in order to earn crypto staking rewards. So, players can choose this game to earn money. 

Businesses can also build such games to earn good revenue and take their business to the next level. In order to make this procedure more secure, it is good to seek the help of a custom web development company that is familiar with new technologies and trends. 

#4. Gala Games 

This is a blockchain-powered gaming platform with a variety of crypto game categories. It is presented as a reward and a utility token for players. In this game, the NFT marketplace, not only can tokens be trending, but in-game items can always be sold and collected by several cryptocurrencies at a set price, depending on their rareness. 

Gala games generally use blockchain technology in order to provide players sole ownership of games’ items and NFTs and ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, it is suggested that players choose the best blockchain games to make money.

If you are a businessman and want to increase your gaming industry all over the world, it is a great choice to develop the best blockchain games. However,  developing such an app is not an easy task; this is why you should contact a blockchain development company that is expertise in developing a game.

#5. Illuvium

This is a 3D RPG open-world game on Ethereum blockchain with auto-battle gameplay. NFT Illuvial is a creature with different abilities that gamers could collect and upgrade to win battles.

Similar to other NFT games, NFT Illuvials and in-game objects can be traded in the Illuvium marketplace for real-world currency.  Hence, it is suggested that businesses create the best blockchain games to help the players earn money. 

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#6. Decentraland

It is a 3D virtual reality crypto game powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Gamers can easily explore the land and create unique avatars and content as per players’ preferences with an incredible experience. 

On the other hand, gamers can use the MANA coin as an in-game token to sell and buy items and enjoy pleasurable social activities. Playing this game, the players can easily earn money. 

With the help of this game, the players can enjoy their weekends and earn money from them. Plus, businesses can also get good revenue, easily increase their business across the world, and get one of the best services. 

#7. Age of Rust

If you want to earn money by playing a game, then Age of Rust is another blockchain app that has good popularity. This is a post-apocalyptic RPG game that is built under the ENJIN Protocol. 

Usually, the game is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and the initial purpose of the game is to drive people’s interest in the world of blockchain technology. However, you should seek the help of an expert to create the best blockchain games that will provide an excellent user experience. 

In this task, you can always hire dedicated developers proficiently in developing fully featured games with the latest technology. With the appropriate coding and technology knowledge, they will easily develop horizon blockchain games.

#8. Spider Tank

Spider Tank is also a member of the GALA game community that is free-to-play with play-to-earn mechanics using cutting-edge technology. The players can earn by collecting game resources, skill-based competition and cycle upgrading. 

If you are a player and want to upgrade your skills and firepower, you can explore a variety of weapons, NFT tank bodies and special items in the strategic battle arena. So, you can choose this, which is known as the best blockchain game to make money.

By developing the best blockchain games for android and iOS, businesses can always take their business to the next level. Therefore, investing your money to turn your ideas into reality is suggested.

What is Blockchain and How Does it Work?

#9. Binemon

This is an NFT game run on Binance smart chain that allows the players to breed and raise online NFT pets, Mons, let them fight the battles and earn the rewards. In this game, you will see two battle modes: player-versus-environment and PvP. 

Playing this game, gamers can collect Binemon and Ambrosia that can be found on the infinite open-world landscape. The players can use the ABM to empower and upgrade their Mons. 

How Much Does Blockchain Game Development Cost?

We all know that the blockchain is a trending technology used in a wide variety of businesses such as real estate, gaming, medical, and many other businesses. If you want to be a reputed name in the world of game development, you can use this technology.

You know that this technology is a chain of records containing appropriate block information or data. However, blockchain implementation can take months to craft and takes years to complete. And it may cost thousands of dollars. However, the overall cost depends on features, framework and many other things. 

Thus, it is required to choose everything carefully because it is the only thing that will decide the overall cost of the best blockchain games. If you don’t have an idea about this, the following table will assist you in determining the overall cost.


Countries The Best Blockchain Games Development Cost Per Hour
Europe $100 to $150 Per Hour
USA $ 120 to $200 Per Hour
India $40 to $80 Per Hour


Hopefully, this table will assist you in understanding the NFT development cost. You can also reduce the development cost by hiring a reliable name in the city with a dedicated developer and designer team with appropriate knowledge and skills. 

The Last Verdicts

We hope that you will get brief information about the best blockchain games to earn in 2022. With this information, players will easily choose a game that will help them earn money and enjoy their weekends.

Plus, businesses can also take ideas from the games mentioned above to develop the best blockchain games in 2022. However, you should hire blockchain developers or hire dedicated developers who are familiar with this technology. It ensures that they will easily develop a game with great features.