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How to Develop an Educational App like ByjU’s/Toppr?

During the pandemic, it is really tough to join physical classes. It affects our studies badly. But thanks to technology that makes learning procedures easy and smooth. With technology, it is easy to take classes and learn the lesson with ease. Therefore, every coaching center wants an e-learning application. Hence, the demand for educational app development like ByjU’s is becoming high.

Having an e-learning application, users can easily solve their queries regarding their studies or they will rely on it really effectively and conveniently to prepare for various exams. Moreover, they are not only cost-effective but highly performing as well. Of course, it is tough to develop an educational app like ByjU, so you need to hire a top mobile app development company for your help.

With years of experience, skills, and knowledge they are aware of the users as well as your requirements. Hence, educational app development like ByjU’s is easy for them. So, it is great to hire an experienced mobile app development company to make your dreams come true.

Market Size of an Educational App Like ByjU’s

Market Size of an Educational App Like ByjU’s

As per a report, the global e-learning market in 2016 was worth $165.36 billion and is expected to go beyond $243 billion by the year 2022 which is 5.08 percent more. On the other hand, if we talk about worldwide, then the revenue you will get from an educational mobile app like ByjU’s is higher than another one because this application helps the teachers to explain the topics easily. Moreover, it has other features that make it more amazing and popular.

How an Educational Mobile App is Beneficial to Students?

We all are aware that ByjU’s become popular in some time and has successfully garnered the attention of the student and education sector. It has been significantly contributing to the learning processes. Nowadays, millions of students are relying on m-learning and they have all the good reasons to do so, as the results have been noteworthy. 

Thus, study sector or education sector owners reach out to highly experienced developers for educational app development like ByjU’s. With educational apps, the students can get access to any information from anywhere. This is why educational mobile apps like ByjU/Topper are the most interactive and constructive way to attract students to studies and enhance their productivity.

These applications have brought about some important changes in the education industry and educators are getting an application you will avail all the following advantages:

  • Interactive and Effective Learning

Gone are the days when the only option for the students was to visit the library, join coaching and read books. With the availability of an educational mobile app, it is easy for the students to practice their lessons in an effective and interactive way. Therefore, the demand for educational app development like ByjU’s in the study sector is increasing rapidly. 

  • Round the Clock Availability 

Another great benefit of an educational app like ByjU’s is round-the-clock availability. Therefore, e-learning is more popular than other ones. There is no doubt that time-bound learning is not more effective, as students get distracted very easily and are not able to concentrate continuously. However, educational mobile app learning is not-time bound learning, rather it is relaxed learning. 

  • Online Study Materials and e-books 

With the development of new technology and the help of educational mobile apps, students don’t need to invest their money and time to buy lots of books from the stationery store. Educational apps like ByjU’s help to provide study materials and e-books on a regular basis with a few couples of clicks.

  • Leisure Hours Utilization

Educational app like ByjU’s is a great way to utilize users’ free time actively. The student’s leisure time can be utilized to learn something new without wasting time watching Instagram reels and other videos. The e-learning mobile app proves its worth, by utilizing users’ leisure time in an effective and constructive way. 

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  • Help to Track User’s Progress

Having an educational mobile app like ByjU’s, it is easy to track a user’s progress, which is one of the important things that every parent wants to explore. Therefore, it is a great idea to develop on-demand educational apps like byjU’s. However, you should hire experienced developers for educational app development like ByjU’s.

Key Features an Educational Mobile App like ByjU’s Should Have:

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In order to create an educational app like ByjU’s, you will have to integrate some panels with specific features. Every panel is crucial if you want to make a smooth and amazing learning experience for the student. So when choosing an on-demand educational mobile development company for educational app development like ByjU’s, tell them to add the following features:

Consider the general features that you must add to your on-demand educational app:

  • Total Syllabus Coverage

To provide an amazing experience to a student, it is required to cover the total syllabus. It will help a user to find all the things in the same place with ease. 

  • Interactive Aids

When hiring a developer for an educational app like ByjU’s you should ask to add this feature. It will make learning more interesting and appealing. 

  • Chapter-wise Test

To make your educational mobile app like ByjU’s more interesting, add some in-built features like sample questions, and mock tests that will assist the users to learn effectively. 

  • In-Built Chat

Having an in-built chat feature in an educational app like ByjU’s, users connect with their personal mentors in case they need help of any kind.

Features in the Student Panel

Features in the Student Panel

The student is the primary section of an educational app like ByjU’s. Hence, you need to add the following features in this section:

  • User Registration 

Make sure that students can browse the app by registering with their email id, username or password, mobile number, or social media handles. 

  • Log-in 

This is the primary feature that should have in every educational app like ByjU’s. With it, users can log into the application using their email id, username & password. 

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  • Forgot Password

This is an amazing feature of an on-demand educational mobile app that helps anyone to forget their password and generate a new one. 

  • Profile Manager

The users can build their individual profiles and fill in all the necessary details such as interests, class, and much other information without any hassle. Market Size of an Educational App Like ByjU’s cta

  • Browse all courses

The course section is key to educational app development like ByjU’s.  With this, users can go through the modules and select the desired subject that they want to learn. 

  • Payment

To enable payment, an educational app like a topper should be linked to multiple gateways such as PayPal, credit cards, wallets, and net banking. 

  • Live Chat Support

It is a must important feature an educational app should have. Through it, students can connect with the teachers and other relevant departments to solve their difficulties and queries instantly. 

  • Test

This is another important section an educational app like ByjU’s should have. It will help the users to choose lesions and chapters completed to test their level of knowledge gained.

Characteristics to Add in Admin Panel

The admin panel is another important part of  educational app development like ByjU’s so it is required to have the following features in this application:

  • Manage Themes

An educational app comes with a variety of themes that can be managed with ease. The admin can select the look and feel of the user account that will depend on the user’s interest. 

  • Manage Courses

The admin should have the authority to delete, add and revise the course. So, make sure that your educational mobile app like Topper has this feature. 

  • Content Manager

It is required to have a content manager feature in an on-demand educational app development because it will assist an admin to manage the content on the application. 

Things to Keep into an Account While Developing Educational App like ByjU’s

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If you are new to the world of educational app development like ByjU’s, you need to keep some essential things in your mind before developing an e-learning app. Below you will find some tips that can assist you in building an educational app like Topper/ ByjU’s.

  • Select an Interesting Niche

When deciding to develop an educational mobile app, ensure you envision the ultimate features in terms of branding, complexity, connectivity, and pricing. If you decide to make an application, you need to select an interesting niche that will make sure it is unique by integrating AL as it assists users in solving queries.

  • Find out the Target Market

The E-learning industry is very big, so it is required to know your target audience before developing an educational app like ByjU’s. It is a critical step that should be considered before making an e-learning application. You must choose if you want to create an on-demand educational app for school pupils or people studying for competitive exams.

Through this, you will be able to create an educational application like ByjU’s for your target audience. This will help you to design a great application that is equipped with amazing features.

  •  Select App Platform

This is the most essential decision that may affect your budget. We all are aware that there are many platforms such as iOS, Android, or Windows to create an application. So, you need to choose an option for educational app development like ByjU’s. This will assist you in developing an educational mobile app accordingly. 

So, for making a successful educational app, you should choose a platform. You can choose both Android and iOS to make an application. 

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  • Hire a Team of Professional

Apart from choosing a platform, it is also required to hire a mobile app development company to make an application. If you want to get an educational app like Topper/ ByjU’s it is required to hire a team of developers, Ui/UX designers, software testers, and marketers. 

Without the help of a team, it is quite challenging to make an educational mobile app. However, when you hire a freelancer, you need to pay more which is a costly deal. So, it is great to hire a mobile app development company that has a team of experts. It will save you money. 

What is the Cost of an Educational App like ByjU’s

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The exact cost of educational app development like ByjU’s is not fixed because it totally depends on the client’s requirement and the e-learning app development company which you choose for designing an educational mobile app. The overall price of establishing an application is determined by app complexity, the number of features, technology to be integrated, platform and other aspects.

Apart from the number of features and platforms, the cost of educational app development like ByjU’s depends on the country. Usually, each company takes different fees, so it depends on your choice of which country you prefer to make an educational mobile application. Here we mention an idea of the cost of educational app development like ByjU’s.

Country  Cost Per Hour
North America $60 to $250 Per Hour
Europe $40 to $120 Per Hour
India $15 to $40 Per Hour

So, it’s totally up to you which country you choose to develop an educational app like ByjU’s. The above-mentioned table will assist you in making a wise decision. 

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Sum Up

The cost to build an app like ByjUs or Topper is not an easy task. This is the more complex procedure that involves lots of features and a skilled person. For educational app development like ByjU’s proper planning, trials and experiments are required.

If you are wondering how to develop a highly successful and scalable educational app like ByjU’s, it is required to hire a team of professional mobile app developers who have years of expertise and knowledge in this field. It will make sure that you will get a fully-featured application that will assist the users to solve their queries.

However, finding a reliable mobile app development company is not as easy a task as it seems. So, you need to think carefully and do strong research to find a trusted company to build a successful educational app like ByjU’s or Topper. For making the research successful, you can also take the help of the internet and visit multiple websites as well as check their reviews and rating for making a wise decision.