Top Blockchain Programming Languages to Learn in 2022
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Top Blockchain Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

In the Blockchain industry in recent years has been the greatest technological advancement. For both company and public blockchain domains, Blockchain has simplified multiple use cases.

Both sizes of technology companies are in high demand for blockchain techies. Blockchain technology is in rising demand, and so are the Blockchain programming languages.

So, much of the blockchain hype is the product of the white papers on cryptocurrency, their enormous growth in valuation, and their gradual decline. Wealth has a way to attract our gaze. But the fantasies of outrageous riches contain intricate modern programming languages that transform how we conceive of machines. 

The money could come and go, but Blockchain programming languages have been disrupted by cryptocurrencies. When the stakes are high, it is more important than ever to make sure the code works well — and Blockchain programming languages developers simplify the grammar, streamline the logic, and create a system to make it easy for programmers to do so and understand what programming languages to build Blockchain technology.

In this article, we will be discussing top Blockchain programming languages that developers should learn to enhance their Blockchain technology and that freshers should get to know before entering into this hot trend. Before going ahead with the top Blockchain programming languages, let us go through a market forecast of Blockchain technology that will give you a better insight into Blockchain technology.

Market Forecast of Blockchain Technology

Global blockchain growth is estimated at 67% Annual Compound Growth Rate (CAGR) in 2020–2025, from 3.0 billion USD in 2020 to 39.7 billion USD by 2025. The increasing need for business processes to be streamlined and solutions for supply chain management combined with blockchain technologies would propel the entire blockchain sector. The largest size of the market is expected to be in 2020 for private blockchain models. 

 programming languages for Blockchain.

A public network or a directory is a private blockchain protected by standard authentication methods, such as restricted access privileges. A private blockchain with personal keys that are only known to the associated entity is usually provided with confidentiality. A private blockchain is a blockchain type, under which writing rights within a particular organization are centralized. Reading permissions may also be regulated based on the accessibility of the company.

Top Blockchain Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Upgrade yourself according to the market trend.

1. C++: One of the Best Programming Languages for Blockchain

C++ language is the oldest and most revered language in this series of top Blockchain programming languages. Nearly all of us know it’s the C language extension. A dataset, functions, and artefacts that can be quickly named and repeated in other programs to minimize the coding time are generated in C++. C++ is very fitting for blockchain ventures as blockchain blocks & chains can be easily manipulated. 

Besides, C++ is so versatile for blockchain ventures, that it provides absolute power over the use of CPUs and memory. For high resource demand, C++ is very helpful as it is important to provide fast service to all nodes at once. C++ is also implemented for Bitcoin writing as well as for integrating a broad range of blockchain applications in the majority of cases, which is advantageous for blockchain growth. C++ is one of the best Ethereum programming languages.

programming for Blockchain

 Pros of C++:

  • Independent and multiplatform.
  • Statically typed.
  • High speed.

Cons of C++:

  • Very complex.
  • Difficult to debug.
  • Difficult to learn.

2. JavaScript: One of the Best Programming Languages to Use in a Blockchain

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages to use in Blockchain. JavaScript is the driver that powers modern web creation with libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, React, Angular, and Node. It strengthens its features with HTML and CSS. Javascript is used mostly for creating highly immersive Web sites. 

JavaScript is among the most popular programming language. Similarly, the language is gaining ground with the advancement of blockchain as the asynchronous code is accessible. This capacity to the blockchain is significant since millions of transactions can be initiated simultaneously. A program that executes a variety of actions at the same time is asynchronous (i.e. parallel programming). This can not be done by a traditional synchronous programming language.

Blockchain programming languages.

Pros of JavaScript:

  • Supports functional programming.
  • Runs on the OOPS concept.
  • Prototype-based.

Cons of JavaScript:

  • Dynamic.
  • Browser dependent.
  • Not secured.

3. Python: Best Programming Langauge to Learn for Blockchain

Python can be used in almost every field and Blockchain technology isn’t an exception. A comparatively modern language of programming, Python has an English-like syntax and is also the favourite of new codecs. A server may use Python code to create web-based software. It is also used to connect to systems in databases. It can accommodate huge numbers and do complex maths. Python is also the best answer for what programming languages are used in Blockchain technology.

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Python’s key programming benefit is that developers can use it in both the compiled form and the compilation of sources at runtime. It’s fine both for foundation methods and scripting. Developers also used uncompiled Python to code and alter its existence throughout service blockchain logistics and farm applications. Python is also a dedicated Ethereum programming language.

Blockchain programming languages.

Pros of Python:

  • Easier to learn.
  • Simple syntax.
  • Runs on the interpreter.

Cons of Python:

  • Not a smart context.
  • Libraries aren’t documented.
  • Used as a server language.

4. Java: One of the Best Blockchain Programming Languages

This language of programming is used mostly in web design. It is an object-oriented, class-based, and concurrent programming language. The language has long been one of the top languages of programming. It was also a favoured developer since it is easy to run on any machine that contains the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Because of JRE, Java is one of the most popular programming languages for Blockchain.

Also, Java was an incredibly important language for the world wide web’s existence. It is useful for designing dynamically immersive websites in blockchain programming. You will use it to create plain and unchanging blockchains. It is unlikely for someone to alter the information or contents of one block with this immutability. However, Python is overshadowing Java.

Blockchain programming languages.

Pros of Java:

  • Object-oriented.
  • Platform independent.
  • Supports distributed computing.

Cons of Java:

  • Memory consuming.
  • Single paradigm.
  • Memory management affects performance. 

5. Solidity Programming Language: Best Language for Blockchain

Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level, javascript, field-specific language developed by the Ethereum team (Gavin Wood, Christian Reitwiessner, etc.). Hold by C++, Python, and JavaScript, solidity is built to build Ethereum, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) decentralized applications. Solidity is the first choice to learn Blockchain programming.

The EVM is the operating system of the Ethereum platform for intelligent contracts. Solidity is a static language, serving legacy, databases, and difficult forms of users. To date, it is Ethereum’s most adapted DSL and blockchain industry. 

Blockchain programming languages.

Pros of Solidity:

  • Statically typed.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Provides inheritance properties.

Cons of Solidity:

  • Doesn’t have a strong community.
  • Complicated usage.
  • Used only in Ethereum. 

6. GoLang: One of the Best Languages for Programming Blockchain

GoLang is a comparatively new, general domain language that Google created in 2007 and revealed to the public in 2012. It is a static language with a very similar syntax to C. GO is an effort to merge the syntax and versatility of modern languages like Python & Javascript with the performance and security benefits of C, built as a versatile, multifunctional language. It includes a comprehensive standard library. GO is a compiled language. GoLang is considered the best-typed Bitcoin programming language.

This functionality allows full consistency when using GO in a blockchain project with multiple pieces. It also provides other performance-enhancing functions, including generics, classes and legacy, designers, annotations, exceptions, etc. Go is also easy to understand uncomplicated language. This is clear because the Go language network has more than 800,000 developers.

Blockchain programming languages.

Pros of GoLang:

  • Fast compilation.
  • Safe and secured.
  • Highly scalable.

Cons of GoLang:

  • Difficult to learn.
  • Lacks packages.
  • Unclear syntax.

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7. Simplicity: Great Blockchain Coding Language

This is another blockchain programming language. The vocabulary was constructed in 2017 by Rusell O’Connor. To improve productivity, this language masks many logical components from developers. This is one of the reasons why the developer community is gathering a lot of traction today. Simplicity is a great option to learn Blockchain coding.

It is one of the best programming languages for both skilled and open source developers to write intelligent contracts. Simplicity has object-oriented features, like C++, and blockchain-like concepts are used to avoid data modification. Furthermore, it will arrange services in the forest. This eliminates the need for block space and allows for limited sizes.

 Blockchain Technology Programming Language

Pros of Simplicity:

  • Used specifically for Blockchain.
  • Option for smart contracts.
  • Completely safe to use.

Cons of Simplicity:

  • Shallow community.
  • Difficult to learn.
  • Resources are difficult to find.

8. Rholang: Underrated Blockchain Technology Programming Language

For the development of smart contracts, Rholang is a wonderful programming language. The language does not use an object-oriented approach to solve certain blockchain issues. This language is very useful. That’s one explanation why it’s so famous on GitHub. The entire program is evaluated and resolved in sequence in Rholang applications as a set of functions. 

The variables used to store the data vary markedly from languages like C or Python that alter the value of the variables over time. Therefore, rather than providing an object orientation, Rholang has a model of functional programming, with the Blockchain development language most common in this category. It is one of the most underrated programming languages for Blockchain.

Blockchain programming languages.

Pros of Rholang:

  • Provides a set of functions.
  • Can be implemented along with C or Python.
  • Functional programming language. 

Cons of Rholang:

  • Not so popular universally.
  • Difficult to learn.
  • Lacks OOPS paradigm.

Blockchain Technology: Hottest Trend in the Technological Market

Blockchain technology is a tool of innovation that triggers a massive revolution worldwide. It will continue to influence the flow of properties and data in contemporary market transactions. It will also have a tremendous effect on businesses and companies, particularly in the banking sector. Governments around the world are already experiencing and are now leveraging blockchain technologies to provide people with governance. 

It definitely would generate incredible opportunities for the few developers with expertise in programming for Blockchain as the private and public sectors step into this unbelievable technology. Therefore this is the best time for blockchain developments to study the best Blockchain programming languages. Also, if you want to develop an app using Blockchain technology then you can always look up the best Blockchain app development company in the market. 

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